If you're looking for a new hotspot to thrill your tastebuds, and to discover your new favourite cuisine, look no further than Mosob. A family-run Eritrean restaurant, Mosob is a gem—and it's only a short bus ride from the Strand. Since 2007, this sheltered venue has been renovating its interior to suit growing demand, winning a well-deserved certificate of excellence in 2013. 

Why It's Special

'Mosob' refers to 'a traditionally woven serving table where people gather around for a communal meal'. This is the focus of the dining experience—sharing and enjoying both company and food. What makes it so special is its welcoming atmosphere and cultural immersion. The staff will teach you the Eritrean style of eating—namely, with your hands, scooping your portions with shreds of injera. If you're opting for their platters, cutlery will not be provided (they'll give in if you ask, but you'll be cheating!).

For those who are unfamiliar, injera is a fermented flatbread, mildly sour and deliciously moist. It forms the basis of most Eritrean platters and is perfect for sharing. As your main carb fix, injera serves as the plate on which an inviting medley of dishes sits (with additional servings provided as your utensils). Its spongy texture also absorbs the juices from the rest of the meal, leaving you with an extra treat to finish.

The Platters

While Mosob boasts a vibrant menu of single dishes, its selling point is undoubtably the group sharing platters. With a price range that's ideal for the student budget, Mosob creates a selection of mouth-watering menu options, including platters that are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Thankfully, for those with sensitive tastebuds, they also rank their platters according to spiciness.

One standout dish is Quluwa, which consists of diced tender lamb flavoured with tomato and spices. The leftover sauce soaked into the injera is a concluding indulgence. Also worthy of mention is Hamli—a serving of sautéed greens that makes these platters perfectly balanced. Most platters consist of four starters and mains, giving you the chance to sample food you never knew you'd enjoy. Giving you a true taste of Eritrean cuisine, the platters offer a well-rounded event for newcomers and regulars.

The Drinks

Like its diverse food menu, Mosob's drink options also cater to a broad range of tastes. On my visit, I opted for a recommended cocktail to complement my meal—the 'Sexy Mosob'—which consisted of lime, mint, and cachaça. Alongside African beers and resplendent cocktails, Mosob also offers 'Bunne'—from the traditional coffee drinking ceremony—accompanied by frankincense (and popcorn!) to take you further back into Eritrean history.

As one of the few Eritrean restaurants in London, and also one of the friendliest, Mosob is a delightful change of scene that you need to experience. The servers are receptive to your queries and will do their best to ensure a stellar experience. They're also more than happy to provide interesting trivia about the restaurant and Eritrean history. With generous food and great company, you should get your scooping hand ready.