I recently returned from my visit to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. One of my favorite parts about the Disneyland Resort is the proximity of the theme parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney District. On the first day of our trip, we decided to try one of the numerous unique but non-Disney restaurants that the Downtown Disney District has to offer. I am so glad we chose to try something different. Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen quickly became one of my favorite restaurants at Downtown Disney and here's why.


The theming of the restaurant is absolutely stunning as it perfectly encompasses a New Orleans vibe. One notices the theming even before they enter the restaurant when they view the large saxophone structure which displays the restaurants name. The unique structure was what enticed my party to dine at this restaurant. When we were seated in the dining room, I noticed that there were several colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. I am a person who appreciates color and liveliness, so this detail was marvelous to look at while dining. To add to the great decor, there happened to be jazz musicians performing a few classics. They also played some Disney tunes which I deemed to be a magical touch. 

What To Eat

Our waiter promptly came to our table to take our orders which I was surprised by considering the volume of the restaurant as we were dining during their prime dinner hour. To start, we ordered the "Southern Garlic Cheese Bread" which is described as containing "Basil, Mozzarella, Roasted Garlic, and Olive Oil Pureé." This appetizer did not disappoint as it was indicated as being one of the restaurants many specialties. I am not typically fond of garlic bread, but this garlic bread was so savory and had a stronger cheese flavor which I preferred. 

For my dinner, I ordered the "BBQ Shrimp & Grits" which is something I would not typically order. However, I decided that I wanted to give the New Orleans cuisine a try. This meal is described as “New Orleans” Barbecue Sauce, Andouille Sausage-Parmesan Grits." When I took my first bite, I found it to to be extremely spicy. As a person who does not have a large tolerance for spice, it was a bit difficult to eat. If you are a person who has a liking for food with a kick, I would highly recommend this dish. Although it was spicy, I was able to finish my entire plate as the portion served was not too large. My favorite part of the dish was the cheese grits. It was the first time I ever had grits for dinner instead of for breakfast. 

We couldn't leave the restaurant without ordering dessert, so we decided to order the speciality "Double Chocolate Bread Pudding Soufflé" to share. I was so glad we decided to save room because I would say that this was the best bread pudding  I ever had. That says a lot because I am a chocolate connoisseur. I loved the dessert so much that I instantly regretted not ordering my own. I contemplated on ordering another, but decided against it as it would have taken approximately 25 minutes to prepare.

Overall Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as this restaurant. I found the food to be flavorful, the theming to be spectacular, and the live entertainment to be wonderful. My only critique is that I found the value for the amount of food to be disproportional. I think that my dinner portion should have been significantly larger as it costs $21.50. However, I would highly recommend Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen to anyone visiting Disneyland or the Anaheim area.