When it comes to being a West Chester student, everyone tends to head to Starbucks and wait 20 minutes for a latte. You may have noticed little brown cups in the hands of a few students and you’ve probably thought to yourself “where is that coffee from?”. Well, from word of mouth the answer isn’t Starbucks, it’s Fenn’s Coffee.

fenn's coffee

Photo by Liz Whelan

Fenn’s Coffee may not be a well known name to West Chester. Formally known as Fennario Coffee and Tobacco, it was picked up by two coffee lovers named Justin and James. Even with new ownership, they decided to keep the same trends and flavors that the previous owner had.

When it’s comes to Fenn’s a lot of students will just travel to the food truck on campus, but if you want to have a more home-y feel and not freeze during the winter months you should check out the store front on Church Street.

Walking into the town based store, you’ll find a cozy cafe with seating by the window, and, of course, the delicious smell of coffee. The owners of the store greet you with a warm welcome and ask you if you have any questions. I ordered the Divine Caramel, which although I am a huge fan of Starbucks, I swear this stole my heart.

fenn's coffee

GIF courtesy by giphy.com

When it comes to coffee I’m extremely picky, I have to have specific things that I want to find, and it normally involves a great smell, a strong texture, and a slight sweetness. Fenn’s Coffee did just that. Fenn’s doesn’t have the overwhelming sweetness to it, but it has just the right amount that it will satisfy your sweet tooth, and if that doesn’t satisfy you they have a wide variety of local baked goods that’ll make your mouth water.

Not only are they are coffee shop, but they are also a local music and art venue. From small concerts to art shows, this little cafe offers so much for the little space it has. This spot is a great place for doing your homework on a Monday afternoon or just simply relaxing.

fenn's coffee

Photo courtesy of Fenn’s Coffee on Facebook

If that didn’t make you want to run to coffee heaven, then try it out for yourself, the owners suggest the Funky Monkey, which they’re famous for. Fenn’s Coffee is a coffee lover’s paradise and it’s something you don’t want to miss out on.