If you’ve walked down Thayer street, chances are you’ve passed by CHLOE. The café's trendy black and white decor, comfy floating chairs, and big windows stand in stark contrast to the rest of Thayer's hustle and bustle and are extremely inviting. If you haven’t already been lured in by the cafe’s enticing minimalistic exterior, rest assured that by CHLOE. is serving up some incredibly tasty food.

And, if you're still unsure about whether this vegan eatery is for you, by CHLOE. is offering all students 25% off their orders from now through Thanksgiving, so you can eat delicious and creative dishes while keeping your wallet (relatively) intact! Just remember to bring your student ID.

Now that you're convinced of this restaurant’s awesomeness, it’s time to start ordering. What's your current mood?

1. Hangry: Pesto Meatball Sandwich

Between long classes, mountains of homework, late club meetings, and nights of partying, hunger-induced anger is too often a reality for college students. Next time you find yourself plagued by hanger, try by CHLOE.’s hearty Pesto Meatball Sandwich. Between the delicious veggie meatballs, thick marinara sauce, and creamy cashew mozzarella, you will definitely leave your meal satisfied.

2. Nostalgic: Mac n’ Cheese

There’s nothing like a classic bowl of Mac n’ Cheese to bring out your inner child. Featuring those instantly recognizable pasta shells (gluten-free pasta available on request), smothered in a sweet potato-cashew cheese sauce, and topped with shitake bacon and almond parmesan, by CHLOE.’s vegan take on a classic comfort dish will take your right back to your childhood.

3. Happy: Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

In need of a sweet treat to keep those good times rolling? Look no further than by CHLOE.’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, a wonderful mix of warm, chewy dough and rich, silky chocolate chips that melt in your mouth. This baked good is perfect for when you’re feeling extra sweet, whether you're gluten-free or not. 

4. Celebratory: Guac Burger

Think of this burger as a “treat-yourself” delicacy. Finally took that super hard test that you studied forever for? Handed in that 20-page History paper or Chemistry lab report? Let a wave of relief wash over you as you dig into the Guac Burger, consisting of a hearty veggie patty, your favorite burger toppings (like fresh lettuce, onion, and tomato), some new flavor twists (chipotle aioli and corn salsa, anyone?) and a generous serving of guacamole, all packaged neatly into a delicious whole grain bun (again, gluten-free available on request).

5. Energized: Quinoa Taco Salad

For those of you who thrive on feeling energized by eating healthy foods, the Quinoa Taco Salad is just for you. Think of this dish as all the best taco ingredients in salad form–chopped romaine, tomato, black beans, avocado, sweet corn, and tortilla strips. Plus, some atypical additions–crispy quinoa, spicy seitan chorizo, tofu créma, and a zesty agave-lime vinaigrette.

This plate was hands-down our personal favorite. So if you’re coming back from a cool fall run or a grueling study session, be sure to stop by and grab this dish to feel even more motivated to continue your day in an active and positive way.

6. Stressed: Kale Artichoke Dip

Imagine: you are sitting in your favorite study room at the SciLi, cramming weeks and weeks' worth of material into your brain the night before a test. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. This night calls for the Kale Artichoke Dip and Chips, featuring a creamy veggie dip with almond parmesan and crispy tortilla chips that will satisfy all your study session munchies. It’s also gluten-free!

No matter your mood or your dietary preferences/restrictions, by CHLOE. has something delicious for you. But don’t just take our word for it–check it out for yourself and take advantage of this promotion while you can! You will not be disappointed.