Here at DU, we are lucky enough to have a quaint café/coffee shop right on campus. You needn’t stray from the comfort of campus for an artisan cup of coffee or a bomb sandwich. Head on over to Beans Coffee House inside of the Hospitality Management School to satisfy your daily caffeine fix. I got the inside scoop from Beans barista, Jacklyn Perales so if you’re not convinced, here are some VERY convincing reasons why you need Beans in your life.

1. Beans is completely student-run

Beans, Coffee, Denver, University of Denver

Photo by Hannah Piekenbrock

According to an article on DU’s Clarion, Beans was created back in 2008 by nine DU students with the help of the director of the Hospitality School, David Corsun. Now it is entirely run and staffed by DU students. The Beans manager is always a senior majoring in hospitality and they get management advice from the Senior Director of the Hospitality Management School, Eric Lane. This years manager, Jaliah Peters, is responsible for ordering all products and taking care of scheduling and logistics.

2. They accept Flex (hallelujah)

Beans, Coffee, Denver, University of Denver

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Save that precious cash for important things… like Chipotle and Ginza.

3. Not only do they have coffee but their food is on point.

Beans, Coffee, Denver, University of Denver

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Along with the handmade sandwiches and parfaits, beans has some delicious sandwich options that are fresh to order. Some faves are the Chipotle Turkey Sandwich and the breakfast burrito (this one sells out pretty quick so get there early). The staff receives help from the Hospitality School chef in order to come up with tasty, new food options.

4. They serve wine and apps on Thursday Nights

Beans, Coffee, Denver, University of Denver

Photo by Devon Carlson

For those of age, “Beans After Dark” is a fun way to class up your week. Go to Beans on Thursdays from 4:30-7 p.m. for wine, beer, and appetizers along with occasional live music.

#SpoonTip Check out the blackboard calendar inside for open-mic and trivia nights!

5. The coffee is seriously good

Beans, Coffee, Denver, University of Denver

Photo by Hannah Piekenbrock

Beans by far has the best coffee on campus so don’t even bother suffering through Sodexo coffee. Their chai tea lattes are the bomb and you can get them spicy, sweet, or mixed. You can always go for a classic cup o’ joe too if that’s your go-to.

#SpoonHack According to barista, Jacklyn Perales, you “cannot go wrong with lavender”. Try adding lavender syrup to your latte, chai, or try a Lavender London Fog to spice it up.

Now go one and get a killer cup of coffee while supporting your fellow Pioneers.