Thanksgiving dinner is undeniably the best meal of the year. From the main course to the sides to the desserts, the dishes of Thanksgiving offer a variety of tastes and flavors. Even thoughts of the meal conjure up fond memories and feelings of comfort. But the most important part of the holiday is, of course, spending it with those you love. But when most of the day is spent in the kitchen, that time with loved ones is shortened. That’s where Thanksgiving To-Go from Zingerman’s Cornman Farms comes in, freeing you from cooking and allowing you to make memories instead. Whether you’re pressed for time, or a University of Michigan student who can’t make it home for the feast, this service provides everything you need to make a meal to remember.

Jane Schmid

Here are all the reasons why you need Zingerman’s Thanksgiving To-Go this November if you live in southeast Michigan.

The Ingredients

Jane Schmid

The dishes feature high-quality seasonal ingredients from Zingerman’s Cornman Farms and other local farms; it is a true farm-to-feast operation. By utilizing the seasonal produce, not only is the flavor maximized, but it's also sustainable. The farm operates under an organic concept and little disruption of the soil. In addition to growing over 26 varieties of vegetables, they also raise goats and chickens in a sustainable manner.

The Saved Time

Jane Schmid

A recent study states that it takes 15 hours for the average American to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for 8 people from scratch. That’s almost two-thirds of an entire day gone! With Thanksgiving To-Go, you gain back all those precious hours to spend family and friends instead. Even replacing just one dish on your to-do list with one from Cornman Farms lifts a weight from your shoulders. The chef of Cornman Farms, Chef Kieron Hales (who has cooked for three U.S. Presidents and a Royal family!), also provides easy instructions for reheating, keeping dishes warm, and helping them make it to the table at the perfect time.

The Quality

Jane Schmid

Remember that scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with the dry, desiccated turkey? That won’t be a problem with this service. Chef Kieron uses the sous vide method for the Thanksgiving To-Go turkey, which keeps the meat moist and tender. The same method is used for the beef tenderloin offered, which offers a change of pace from the traditional main course.

The Options

Jane Schmid

Whether you need a full spread of mains, sides, and desserts, or just want a few dishes to complement your home-cooked dishes, you are free to choose what is best for your Turkey Day needs. In addition to classic dishes, like crispy stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pecan and pumpkin pies, unique dishes full of complexity are offered, such as bacon balsamic brussels sprouts, windfell apples roasted with rosemary & thyme, cream of blue hubbard squash soup, and cranberry walnut pie. There’s something to please those looking for tradition as well as those looking for some culinary adventure.

Not a pie fan? Not to worry: salted butterscotch pudding and chocolate mousse are available to order.

How to Order

Jane Schmid

Orders can be placed on the Cornman Farms website by Saturday, November 17th and picked up on either November 20th or 21st from the farm in Dexter, Michigan. Act fast: the number of turkeys is limited! In addition to your feast, snag some bottles of wine for your adult guests and flowers for the centerpiece to complete your picture-perfect table.

If you're the type of person who would so much rather have all of your Thanksgiving favorites pop up at your table without putting in the work, Cornman Farms is for you.

All photo credit goes to Marta Perez Photography.