There is not a single down side to visiting Cafe Formaggio and here's why: If you love Italian food, you know, the typical pasta, pizza, meats, breads, fish - well, you will love this place. I've been coming to this restaurant for years and it never disappoints.

Here's why you need to visit Cafe Formaggio:

Coming from a large Italian family, I have pretty high standards on what I consider to be a good representation of Italian food. 

Cafe Formaggio is located on Old Country Road for those who are locals, it's right by the Roosevelt Field Mall. They offer a wide variety of food on their menus for both lunch and dinner - and, even an entire gluten- free menu. Here are four of the best aspects of the restaurant!

1. Family - Style Pastas

From appetizers, soups, salads, pizzas, pastas, entree dishes, and best of all - their dessert menu. You can call me the typical Italian all you want but, pasta is my favorite food on this planet and I can eat it for every meal of the day - if it was healthy, of course.

I do have it often enough since it happens to be a main food group in any Italians daily diet. My favorite pasta dish at Cafe Formaggio is their Tortellini DaVinci which is tortellini in a creamy pink sauce with mushrooms and shrimp - my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I highly recommend trying this dish if you love all of the ingredients. 


"Formaggio" means cheese in Italian, for those of you who don't know, and to go along with their name, Cafe Formaggio offers pasta dishes mixed in a huge cheese-wheel. You can watch this mouth-watering video below to see exactly what I mean. 

3. Gluten Free Menu

Like I said before if you are already impressed with what I just stated above, then you'll love to know that they have an entire gluten-free menu - that tastes exactly like the original meals.

4. Desserts

Now, for my favorite part about visiting Cafe Formaggio...the dessert. Sometimes, I come here for dinner just so that I can have their dessert and I'll tell you why. One traditional Italian dessert that most people don't know about is a zeppole - which seems like to many a circular fried piece of dough with powdered sugar on it.

So, I think I gave you pretty good reasons on why you should visit this fantastic restaurant... what are you waiting for?