Wow. What else to say about this ridiculous restaurant? The food, the atmosphere, everything about Yume Wo Katare – it totally lives up to the hype.

Let’s set the scene: Yume Wo Katare has sort of a funky schedule, so make sure to check it out on their website before you head over. It is located right near the Porter T stop, but if you’ve never been before, it’s not hard to find because of the giant line typically wrapped along the storefront.

When you get there, be prepared to wait – we arrived around 5:30, and didn’t get seated until a little after 6:30. The restaurant only seats about 18 people, in 3 rows of long tables facing the kitchen.

yume wo katare

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Now, sometimes I have trouble deciding when it comes to food (like choosing which of the best ramen restaurants in Boston to go to), but luckily, there is only one dish being sold here: pork ramen. You can order the regular size, which comes with 2 pieces of pork, or the buta ramen, which has 5 pieces of pork. I found the regular to be more than enough for me.

yume wo katare

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Unlike David Chang, I’m no ramen expert, but this is amazing. Tender, fatty pieces of pork, cabbage and sprouts, and long noodles all in a bowl of deliciously sweet, umami broth. And it gets better: there is an optional extra scoop of raw chopped garlic that really is the cherry on top of the whole bowl (just look at that beautiful garlic – you probably need more in your diet anyways).

Photo courtesy of @bonjoursoyo on Instagram

My favorite part of each visit to Yume Ko Watare is the little traditions that make the restaurant stand out. Their mission is to give people the opportunity to realize their dreams, so when you finish your bowl you have the chance to share your dream (mine is to visit this seafood-lover’s paradise) to the applause of the whole restaurant.

Next, one of the chefs will come over to judge your bowl based on how much you ate. The scale ranges from “Next Time” to “Perfect,” meaning you’ve cleaned out the entire bowl (a very admirable feat). Your progress will be announced to another round of cheers. In the end , you stumble out, full of noodles and giddy with dreams. I only got an “Almost!” but I dream to next time finish my bowl.

The dream-sharing experience is definitely a worthwhile one, and the combination of amazing food and an enthusiastic atmosphere make this fun ramen joint a must-try spot.