The new tea shop Teaholic has recently opened at the University of Arizona. The decor of the shop is absolutely gorgeous. Purple patterned walls, plush chairs, white marble accents, the friendliest staff, and delicious drinks. What can be better? This shop makes me want to be productive because everyone around me is hustling. Located underneath Sol apartments, the shop is centrally located and perfect for college students to grab a tea or sit down and pound out an assignment. Make sure to check out this gorgeous spot!

1. Boba

Rachel Hurvitz

Boba are tapioca balls that come in all flavors and sizes. I have tried the classic boba which has barely any taste but they are very chewy. If you are a texture person, these will not be your friend. I personally love them and they are a nice added touch to my drinks. I ordered the milk tea boba which is a classic flavor. It is the perfect amount of sweetness. I recommend this if you don't want something very fruity. They also have flavored boba that pops in your mouth when you bite. This type of boba is for simpler tea so the boba doesn't over power the tea. 

2. Cloud Milk Tea

A Cloud milk tea is your choice of tea with cotton candy on top. This is by far, one of the most ordered items on the menu because you can't just get it anywhere. If you have a sweet tooth and you are hungry order this. 

3. Normal Teas

Rachel Hurvitz

Teaholic also features cheese cream teas which are topped with fresh cream and matcha powders, cold brewed tea which are all blended with kumquat, lime and passion fruit which is shaken with ice and sweetener. They also have yogurt teas which are made with yakuit from Asia. Yakuit is a probiotic dairy product. There are many toppings that can be added to teas like coconut jelly, red bean, honey, and of course boba. Pictured is a four seasons green tea. It does not taste like any green tea. The lime and lemon made the tea tarter but extremely refreshing. It is a must try. 

4. Aesthetic

Rachel Hurvitz
Rachel Hurvitz

The aesthetic of the restaurant is something you would see in Los Angeles or New York. I would have never expected something so glamorous on campus at the University of Arizona. The white marble everywhere and beautiful chandeliers, I feel like I am escaping Tucson when I am at Teaholic.

5. Friendly Staff

The staff is beyond friendly and so accommodating. Coming as a newbie to Teaholic I had many questions. They did there best to answer every question I had and directed to me the tea that I would enjoy the most. The service was amazing as well. My tea was in my hand within five minutes. 

If you want to know more about boba tea, check out this article.