Where do I even begin? If you're unfamiliar with what Night Owl Cookies exactly is, let me give you a quick rundown. Andrew Gonzalez founded Night Owl in 2012 because he was always craving sweets while staying up late studying for exams. Their first storefront opened up in 2013 and ever since then it has been nothing but success for Gonzalez and Night Owl as a company. They recently underwent a major rebranding that included a new location, new takeout packages, updated cookie flavors, and sprinkle countertops. You read that correctly. Although the location itself is enough for anyone to fall in love, let's get into why you need to have at least one Night Owl cookie before you die. 

There's a Reason it's Named Night Owl

Unlike other bakeries and pastry shops, Night Owl's hours are quite different. The whole purpose of Night Owl is to accommodate those of us who crave sweets past midnight but have nowhere to get any from. Night Owl opens at 11 AM every day and doesn't close until, wait for it, 2 AM and even 3 AM on the weekend. I mean, is there anything better than having cookies after a long night out? Your drunchies just glo'd up. 

Upgrade From a Chocolate Chip

If the hours weren't enough to get you to go here, then the flavors definitely will. Night Owl has taken all your cookie dreams and made them a reality. They took a simple, classic chocolate chip cookie and smothered it in chocolate chips. Their cereal cookies, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Rainbow Over Bedrock, are piled high with cereal chunks and drizzled with icing. Chocolate lovers rejoice, they carry 5 chocolate based cookies that even Mrs. Field's couldn't top. If that wasn't enough, Night Owl is even looking out for our vegan friends. They just released a vegan version of their chocolate chip cookie that I can't wait to get my hands on. Did I even mention the cookie with Dulce de Leche and potato chips? I could go on forever about the flavors they create, but their website says it all. 

More Than Just Cookies

Don't panic, you're seeing this correctly. Dunkaroos, enough said. Not only are they constantly rolling out freshly baked cookies all day long, but they serve an upgraded version of our favorite childhood snack. Night Owl is always thinking of new creations to add to their menu. Their newest? Chocolate chip cookie shots filled with milk. If you prefer to dunk your cookies in milk, they sell cartons of it too! Want to have your cookie in the middle of ice cream? They thought of it for you already. 

Going to college away from home is already hard enough, but not having Night Owl cookies around the block makes it even harder. If you're visiting Miami, on vacation there, or live there and haven't been to Night Owl, then WHAT are you waiting for?! Don't miss any updates by following their Instagram for the latest news and mouth-watering pictures of their cookies.