With new bubble tea places constantly opening up in Boston, it is hard to know which one to try first. This cutting-edge Taiwanese bubble tea spot should be at the top of your list of places to visit. Not only do they have a trendy and vibrant atmosphere, they have a large menu with classic milk teas, new experimental drinks, sweet treats, and more. Vivi Bubble Tea's core goal is to use the newest bubble tea technology to provide fresh and high quality boba upon order. They live up to this expectation. 

After exploring many of the bubble tea places, old and new, in the greater Boston area, the Vivi Bubble Tea on Mass. Ave. became my go to boba spot. The store itself has a striking appearance with bright colors and decorations for every holiday. To top it off, they have TV's adorning the walls showing the large menu and playing current music videos. What further separates Vivi from other establishments, is its late hours on Fridays and Saturdays (open until 1am), making it a destination for any college student looking for a midnight snack.

Morgan Mergelkamp

Bubble Tea Favorites

If you are looking for classic boba, a fruity drink, or unique milk tea, Vivi Bubble Tea has it all. With such a vast menu, they can serve anyone's craving. The Tiramisu milk tea with double boba is a personal favorite. Not too sweet and with a smooth coffee flavor, this is the great first drink to try outside of the basic milk tea flavors. 

Further outside of the classics is one of their signature items, the Oreo Creme Brûlée milk tea. One of their most unique drinks on the menu, this fun combination is not only delicious but extremely instagram worthy. Breaking the Creme Brûlée topping is a highlight of this drink for sure.   

Morgan Mergelkamp

Snacks and Treats

The Hong Kong egg puff is another popular item on the menu. It comes in a variety of flavors like matcha, chocolate, and coconut, with adds ons like ice cream and other fun toppings. The texture and shape alone is picture ready and it only gets better with some ice cream and sprinkles! 

Lastly, don't miss out on the other food options at Vivi Bubble Tea. The popcorn chicken and curly fires with your choice of seasoning is the perfect compliment to a sweet milk tea. And who doesn't crave a fried snack from time to time.

In addition, a special shout out to the eel rice bowl. If you are a fan of eel and seaweed salad, I would highly recommend. 

Morgan Mergelkamp

Want to Learn More?

Instagram: @vivibubbletea

Website: vivibubbletea.com

Facebook: Vivi Bubble Tea Cafe Mass. Ave. Boston