Tim Hortons is the newest coffee shop addition amidst the commotion of Dinkytown that surely cannot be missed. It is a Canadian coffee chain that serves flavorful hot and iced drinks, as well as a variety of delicious donuts and bagels. With a relaxing atmosphere, reasonable prices, and a delicious menu, Tim's will definitely be your go-to spot from here on out, and that's why I've made a list to prove it to you. 

Hot Chocolate

Hailey Almsted

Considering Tim's has both hot and frozen hot chocolate, I couldn't go with just hot chocolate. So I tried both – and WOW these drinks are flavorful and amazing! Both have an original milk chocolate flavor that was incredibly delicious, but I have to say I definitely preferred the hot drink better– I guess I'm just not up for a change from an original drink.

Frozen Capp

ice, cream, coffee, milk
Hailey Almsted

I absolutely had to try Tim's frozen capp as it is one of their most popular drinks. This drink is just a frozen cappuccino, hence the name, but it is absolutely wonderful. With a consistency of a smoothie and the flavor of a cappuccino, this is the perfect cool-down summer drink.


cookie, pastry, potato, bread, sweet
Hailey Almsted

Tim Bits are bite-sized, sweet, decadent morsels of their traditional donuts – and they are also incredibly tasty. These little bites are full of delicious flavor, and just the right amount of pizazz in each taste. 

Pretzel Bagel w/ Butter

chocolate, cake
Hailey Almsted

I've heard incredible things about Tim's bagels — so I had to try one for myself. I ordered a pretzel bagel with butter (I'm not one for cream cheese) and oh my. I'm in love. I've had some great bagels, but I have to say this one probably tops the chart. 

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Hailey Almsted

All in all, Tim Hortons is a trendy and delicious place to grab a quick bite to eat, study with friends, or just hang out! I definitely recommend checking it out. Tim's fully lived up to my expectations, and it will live up to yours too.