With classes being online, we all find ourselves in urgent need to leave our desks and study elsewhere. I took it upon myself to visit different places other than Newell Hall and find my next chill study spot. In one of my random visits to unknown places I found this gem called Boba Tea and Ice Cream. 

Rae Gutcheon

What is Boba Tea?

For those who have never tried boba tea, the idea of drinking bubbles can be somewhat strange. The pull behind boba tea is the combination of flavors and textures. The original boba are small chewy bubbles made of tapioca. They are usually served with milk tea with added flavors. However, similar products have been created to make the bubbles fruit based for sweet fruity teas or less gummy-like to put on ice cream.  

The Location

This small shop located in 13th street is just a ten minute car ride from campus; the perfect distance to get away from the commotion but still accessible in all forms of transportation. The place is 100% student friendly. It is intended to serve as a study spot for students, so they have outlets in every corner, really good lighting, free Wi-Fi and different seating arrangements for when you want to work solo or with a group.

Rae Gutcheon

Location: 2001 NW 13th St

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday 11am to 7pm

The overall ambience is very welcoming and relaxing. It has a lot of green and pretty paintings that give a very minimalistic kind of vibe. Most important, tables are socially distanced and masks are required. Strict cleaning protocols are in place and safety shields surround all working stations. They also offer plenty of outside seating with access to Wi-Fi and outlets. This little shop might just be the perfect COVID-19 alternative you were waiting for to leave your apartment or dorm. 

The Drinks

When it comes to the drinks, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are more of a fruity person or prefer authentic boba tea, there's an option for every taste. Their most popular drinks are the Thai Milk Tea and the Taro Milk Tea. However, the house favorite is the Viet Milk Iced Coffee, which is a family recipe directly from Vietnam.

Rae Gutcheon

If you are a newbie to the Boba Tea world, it's recommended to go for the top sellers. However, if you want something more on the safe side, their fruity teas with mango bubbles will be a good starting point. My personal favorite is the Four Season Fresh Fruit Tea, which has chunks of fruit with green tea, and I top it with mango bubbles. Additionally, if you need a pick me up they have several coffee options, including one with the famous black honey tapioca bubbles.

Rae Gutcheon

You can top off your drink with different types of bubbles (mango, matcha, crystal), cheese foam, or jellies, which are a little firmer than bubbles and also come in many flavors. All drinks are customizable which makes the experience even more interesting and personal.