What’s the V.I.B. you ask? Well let me tell ya. It’s the ridiculously affordable and equally delicious Very Important Breakfast combo at Village Inn. For the low starting price of $8.99, you get to be the Queen or King of this village’s feast. With over 30 different options for your meal, the fun doesn’t stop with Village Inn's breakfast deals.

 The Lowdown

The deal is that you get to choose four items from four different categories. The first category is all about eggs, where you’re given two eggs cooked any style you prefer. Wait, you want an omelet? Well you can get an omelet, bub! If eggs are your thing, Village Inn has got you covered no matter how you want ‘em cooked. From there, you’ve got three more categories from breakfast meats to the kind of potatoes or toast you want to your breakfast sweet of choice. My personal favorite is two chocolate chip pancakes guaranteed to make me comatose by the end of the meal.

Stumbling in to the Inn, a showcase of delicious pies just like grandma used to make greets you, making you feel immediately at home in this diner. If you’re in need for some caffeine, you get an entire pot of coffee for only $2.50. If that doesn’t perk you up from any festivities from the night before, I suggest you upgrade to a caffeine IV (unfortunately not available at V.I.).

In a world where college beggars on a budget can’t be choosers, Village Inn gives us nothing but choice and what a choice it is. How often do you find choice and affordable in the same sentence? Not nearly enough and this is why the V.I.B. deserves this ode. Endlessly customizable, fun and affordable, I suggest you do your wallet and yourself a favor and check into the Inn the next time your need for brunch arises.