The Shore Fire Grille in Surf City, Long Beach Island, NJ is definitely the place to be on your next beach trip. With a huge menu, there are options for all of your friends and family. However, the part that really makes them stand out is their one of a kind "build your own" burgers. 

From fish to meat, all types of diets are represented in their make your own burger section. Not to mention tons of toppings that dress up your burger of choice. The Shore Fire Grille gives you a totally custom food experience, which isn't always a given. 

Grille Atmosphere

beer, coffee, pizza
Allison Curley

With a wide open grilling section and kitchen, the Shore Fire Grille gives off a very casual vibe. I thought it was the perfect type of restaurant that people at the beach are looking for at night. This definitely showed because the place was packed with people sitting inside and outside. 

Its open atmosphere made the experience somewhat chaotic, but fun, especially with the occasional smoke cloud from the indoor BBQ grilling. The restaurant was mostly filled with young kids or families. Even everyone working at the restaurant looked like they were under 30 years old. 

Furthermore, the condiments and napkins were served in rustic buckets and the water served in mason jars. This definitely added to its casual and trendy feel. It was practically the only real decoration in the place, which makes sense for their target audience.

tea, beer, coffee
Allison Curley

The service was quick, and every waiter or waitress seemed busy the entire time. The Grille was pretty great at accommodating large groups, seeing as I went with 6 people and we got our food within a half hour. I was pleasantly surprised because the place was extremely busy. 

With a quaint "beachy" feel and quick turnover, the Shore Fire Grille definitely made my experience want to come back after a long day on the beach. 

Build Your Own Burgers

coffee, wine, pizza, beer
Allison Curley

From the menu alone, it is pretty obvious that the burger bar section is exploding with possibilities. Could not believe how many options they had for breads, meats, and sauces. It says a lot that a beef lover and a vegan could eat off of the same build your own burger menu and be perfectly happy with the result.

My eye immediately went to a crab cake on a potato roll with spicy aioli, pineapple salsa, and avocado. I have to say I was extremely pleased with the result. 

mango, salsa, guacamole, avocado
Allison Curley

The crab cake "burger" was full of real crab meat and had very little bread crumbs/stuffing. This is definitely a positive of eating at the Shore Fire Grille because fresh crab is always an option. I always ask the staff before I order a crab cake if it is mostly filling or real crab.

The waitress said it was all real crab, and she wasn't kidding. This made my dining experience that much more enjoyable because the staff was honest and the food was fresh.

Again, with a huge menu and endless burger options, there is something for everyone to order and love. I have never seen such an extensive "make your own" menu, especially not for burgers alone. Of course, the Shore Fire Grille has tons of other options from appetizers to desserts, but their burger section is definitely what stood out the most.