Acai bowls are the frozen yogurt/ice cream of the health world, that is for sure. They are just as awesome to eat as they are to look at. While I've gotten my açaí fill here in Tallahassee mainly from Vale, I never had a chance to try The Good Berry's first location as it was too far to walk for a car-less college student like me. This all changed until I attended the soft opening of their new location in Collegetown on Madison Street right under the Catalyst apartments. I have to say that my experience here is going to keep me coming back for a very long time. 

The Acai Bowls 

Christian Perez

The star of the Good Berry is sure to be the primary reason why you should visit their new location. Packed with antioxidants, these açaí bowls are usually the go-to sweet satisfier for anyone invested in health. With three sizes and countless toppings and drizzles, you are guaranteed to satisfy those cravings. The first time I visited, I picked up a medium açai with granola, flax seeds, almonds, agave drizzle, a scoop of almond butter, and an eye-pleasing arrangement of strawberries as shown above. It was love at first bite for me, as every single bite afterward tasted better and better. My goal is to keep coming back and trying different combinations of toppings and drizzles until I've created the ultimate açaí bowl. 

The Toasts 

If açaí bowls aren't your thing, or you just want something savory to match your sweet bowl, The Good Berry's got you covered. Their new location offers the local avocado toast enthusiast something worth Snapchating for. You can choose from multiple toast options with The Good Toast (avocado toast) being the main feature. If you're hesitant to try the Instagram famous avocado toast (much like I was), I'm here to tell you it lives up to the hype. This delicious toast is topped off with avocado, feta cheese, tomatoes, and finished with a balsamic glaze drizzle. There's no better place to lose your avocado toast virginity than at The Good Berry. 

The New Additions

One thing that The Good Berry is doing right, is adding more options to its menu. With the new location opening, they included the addition of pressed sandwiches that caters to the taste buds of people who can be skeptical of fruit smoothie bowls. They recently introduced build-your-own salads that add color and variety to the menu. If you aren't really in the mood for an açaí bowl, don't pass up the opportunity to indulge in a refreshing salad or deliciously warm pressed sandwich at The Good Berry.  

The Reasons to Visit

There are so many reasons to check out The Good Berry! The only problem you could possibly face coming here is deciding what to eat. The refreshing açaí bowls, savory toasts, and new menu additions such as the salad or pressed sandwiches make The Good Berry on Madison Street the optimal healthy dining experience. Treat yourself without feeling guilty about it at The Good Berry.