Brunch is a weekend tradition, and we all know that even after trying all the hacks, brunch at a dining hall can get repetitive. For all of us studying (or living) in Boston — Sonsie is a great place for when you're craving a classic weekend brunch and an outing with friends!

Located on Newbury Street, Sonsie has been serving the classic international-comfort food brunch since 1993. Walk in and laughter reaches every corner of the restaurant. The vibe is joyful, and you can undeniably tell it's the weekend. So why should you go to Sonsie?

It's already frequented by friend groups

Talk to your Bostonian friends or check out their location tag on Instagram and you'll see that Sonsie is known to host groups. Whether you want a chill meal with your group, catch up with friends you haven't seen for while, or perhaps grab a bite with someone special, Sonsie is the right place to be! The background music and cheerful laughter encourages conversation, while creating an inviting environment. 

Their menu is not your average brunch

Whether it is a quiche... a ham, cheese, and spinach delight that creates a great combination of breakfast and lunch.

Ivana Rizo Patron

Or a spinach frittata with a touch of goat cheese that makes you feel as if you where in Europe...

Ivana Rizo Patron will not be disappointed! Their brunch menu is very extensive and features a variety of plates including a raw bar, sandwiches, salads and more! Don't forget to try their oven-brick house-made pizzas, from a simple mozzarella pizza to a special 'burger' pizza. The pizza's must be so popular that they are available for lunch, light fare and dinner too!

It has something for everyone!

The restaurant features a gluten free brunch menu, specialty coffee drinks, and brunch cocktails. The food variety and the friendly ambiance makes Sonsie a place for all to be. 

Don't forget to make a reservation, because Sonsie tends to book up quickly during peak brunch hour. If it's not cold, try to sit at a table by the entrance, they completely open the windows so you can dine with sun, a light breeze and a view of Newbury Street. 

Location: 327 Newbury St, Boston, MA                                          Brunch hours: Saturday/Sunday 9:30AM-3:30PM - Sonsie is also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (8AM-1AM daily, 9:30AM on weekends).