I love my regular order at Starbucks (venti hot Chi Tea latte) and Dunks (medium iced Caramel Swirl, cream, and sugar), but there is something special about visiting independent, local coffee shops. Whenever I need to get my caffeine fix or just get a desire for a place to sit and relax, I go to local cafés.

When I was home for spring break, I visited a lot of little coffee shops both in my small town and in other small towns I traveled to. These independent shops are so individualized from one another. Each one has some sort of specialty drink, in additional to your standard coffee shop items, that are totally worth waiting a little extra time for. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Here are five reasons why small-scale, local coffee shops and cafés are worth a visit. They will deliciously fill your sense, while supplying you with tons of Insta worthy pictures.

1. The menu is usually full of so many unique combinations.

Rosaria Rielly

Lemon Ricotta pancakes stuffed with fruit, an omelet with all the fixings, and a coffee with a list of custom options — just a few of the unique items offered at this local café called Salt & Light Café- Bistro in Groton, MA. The mouthwatering menu here will leave you with some tough decisions to make. Food at local shops like this one is made with so much care, and some places even have a whole new menu depending on the season.

2. They support their community by using locally grown items. 

spam, coffee, beer
Kristine Mahan

Many of these small cafés work closely together with the farms and other local businesses in the area. This allows them to have the freshest, home-grown produce and ingredients for their food and drinks. The whole process is a very friendly and personal experience. They giving their customers the finest quality of food while promoting other small businesses.  

3. The decor inside is inviting, often times with a great window view.

coffee, beer, wine
Rosaria Rielly

In most cases, these solo cafés are family-run, meaning they care for their customers as if they were visiting their own home. Coffee shops like these are meant to be relaxing spaces that make you feel comfortable. They're great for doing work, having a small business meeting, catching up with friends, or even just sitting alone to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

When visiting new towns, take the time to enjoy yourself at a local café that is unique to the area. It will give you a sense of the different types of food and drinks common to that area and make you feel as if you're apart of the community. 

4. They care about how their food and drinks are presented.

milk, tea, soup, cream
Rosaria Rielly

How perfect does this Matcha Green Tea Latte look? This drink, like many others at local shops, was made with individual care and a high attention to detail. Unique little cafés care deeply about the appearance and presentation of their food. When the food is both delicious and visually appealing, it's hard for us foodies to not document it on Insta.

5. Not to mention how delicious everything is.

cream, chocolate
Rosaria Rielly

Owners of cafés make sure they put their best effort into the food they serve customers. The selection of freshly baked goods at the shop I visited were all made by the owner. They bake the treats in small batches, all with quality ingredients. The coffee was also freshly brewing throughout the day. Small businesses care greatly about their local reputation. 

Small-town, local coffee shops and cafés are full of so much character and personality. They care about their customers on a more personal level than that of a large corporate company. 

Next time you are craving a latte and muffin, give that little corner cafés a try. Who knows, it might become your new favorite spot.