Seventh Street Gourmet, located in Garden City, New York is a popular delicatessen on the 7th Street strip. The unique items on their menu make this deli the go-to for commuters and students alike. The staff at Gourmet are very attentive to their customers and want customers to leave happy and pleased with their order.

Seventh Street Gourmet is the hub for Garden City residents.


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Emily Sauchelli

Garden City resident and owner, Peter O'Hanlon, makes a point to showcase his heritage with an Irish flag outside of his store. O'Hanlon brings a sense of community to his establishment, being that he resides in town.

Egg Salad Sandwich

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Emily Sauchelli

At 'Gourmet' there are so many different choices on the menu, you won't know where to start. My favorite breakfast/lunch item is their egg salad on whole grain toast. It is the best—so simple, yet so good! Besides the egg salad sandwich, they have a variety of sandwiches for any time of the day. Each sandwich is able to be customize however the customer would like. Their specialty sandwiches are what make customers come back.

Mac and Cheese

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Emily Sauchelli

Their mac and cheese is unbelievable as well. It is a fan favorite among customers of all ages. The dish is not overly cheesy which makes it delicious, while not too over the top.


Photo by NeONBRAND | Unsplash

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For anyone who is on a budget, especially college students, Gourmet is a great establishment. All of their specialty sandwiches and wraps are under $10.00 and you are served a pickle on the side.

Also, orders are available to stay or to go. While a majority of orders are to go since many people have busy schedules, some people like to sit at the tables outside of the deli. It is a relaxing and peaceful place to sit with someone, enjoy great food and catch up.

To check out Seventh Street Gourmet's full menu and website, click here!