Muncher's Bakery has taken my heart...and my wallet. This shop, filled with the best cream cheese donuts you'll ever have have, has not only raised my blood pressure, but my spirit as well. With loads of options to choose from, Muncher's never disappoints. Right next to the bowling alley on Iowa St. in Lawrence, its friendly staff and wide assortment of baked goods has me watering at the mouth just thinking about it.  

It's probably safe to say that Muncher's most delectable treats are the cream cheese donuts. These rich, cheese-filled pillows explode with flavor once you take the first bite. Muncher's doesn't stop there. They have cream cheese croissants, and cinnamon rolls too.

Another favorite of mine would have to be the apple strudel, a hand-held apple pie filled with apple cinnamon-sugar goodness from end-to-end. 

sweet, chocolate, candy
Justin Ko

Muncher's is always focused on freshness; if your treat is available they'll take the freshly made item that you ordered and give it to you rather than taking one from the display case. With such a wide range of goods I have to stop myself from coming in and giving them all the money I have. From 1-100 they'll set you up with however many pastries you need.

 Not only are the treats sweet, but so are the prices. A single treat from Muncher's will run you about a $1.25, but if I'm going to be honest I've never left with just one.

bread, sausage, chicken
Justin Ko

From strawberry knots to cream-cheese croissants, they have it all. Discovering this place after a fundraiser at the bowling alley was one of the best things I've found in my three years here in Lawrence. Whether you're going in the morning to start your day, or capping off your night there's no place like Muncher's anywhere around.

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Justin Ko