When people first think of Lebanon, they think of the fact that it borders Syria and Israel, and question how safe it is to visit. While that is a valid concern, people tend to forget how great a tourist destination it can be. When I went to Lebanon last Fall Break, I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful and vibrant it is.

Lebanese people are super chill and happy-go-lucky. After all, why wouldn't they be? If I ate Lebanese food everyday, I'd definitely be a much happier version of myself.

On that note, here is a useful guide to plan an amazing vacation in Lebanon:


You should definitely stay in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. Specifically, you must live in Hamra, preferably in an Airbnb apartment. Hamra is in the center of the city, where all the cool shopping streets, pubs and bars are at.


This is perhaps the best part about going to Lebanon. You absolutely have to eat the creamy hummus, shish taouk (grilled chicken), fatoush (salad), and all kinds of meat.

bread, hummus, vegetable
Christin Urso

#SpoonTip: At any restaurant you go to, order the meat platter if you're with a large-ish group of people. This way you can try the full range of meats that they have to offer and get the best of the variety.

Of course the deserts are equally to die for. The main highlights are baklava, halawet el jeben, karabij, Knafeh and ashta ice cream. 

baklava, meat, pork, vegetable, beancurd, chicken, rice
Samantha Dockser

There is also a small restaurant called KB Doner in Hamra, very close to American University of Beirut. Order the meat or chicken Doner, and when the preparer asks you what to put in it, the answer is obvious- "everything."

Kaashif Hajee

The bread is soft, thin and fresh, and is stuffed with fries, salad and a combination of sauces that make it just melt in your mouth. It's guaranteed to be one of the best things you've ever eaten. 

Kaashif Hajee

What to do

Whether you're a nature-lover, history enthusiast or simply someone looking to party, Lebanon has a lot to offer you.

To enjoy the scenic landscape, drive to Harissa and take a cable car up the mountains. Once you're up, you should definitely visit Our Lady Of Lebanon and, if you're feeling adventurous, you can also go skydiving or paragliding down the valley.

Kaashif Hajee

Another great place to see natural beauty is Jeita Grotto, a system of two separate but interconnected Limestone caves. Be sure to take the boat ride in the water body to make the most of it.

#SpoonTip: It's a good idea to cover Jeita and Harissa on the same day because they are close to each other. Check out Jeita in the morning, and then go to Harissa for lunch and a beautiful sunset. 

If you're into adventure and hiking, consider visiting the Aqoura village, Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, and the stunning Batara Gorge Waterfall to be one with nature.

For those who love beaches and the sea, Chekka is a great place to enjoy some sun and swim in the Mediterranean. Or if you're too lazy to travel that far, just enjoy the sea at Rouche in Beirut itself. 

Kaashif Hajee

There's even a really nice spot on the Corniche where you can jump into the sea, if you're looking to be spontaneous.

Kaashif Hajee

As a history buff, I can confirm that a visit to Byblos (an ancient Mediterranean city), and the ruins of Baalbek are an absolute must if you want to go back in time for a day.  

Kaashif Hajee

The wineries are also definitely worth visiting, especially  Chateau Ksara and Chateau Kefraya wineries: not only to visually admire but also to taste a wide range of exotic wines. 

And if that isn't enough, the night life is just insane. Go to the Mar Mikhael Neighborhood: it's full of bars and pubs in one line, and is a great place to go bar-hopping. For a more night club kind of experience, visit Caprice, Junkyard and the best: BO18.

Basically, there is something for everyone in Lebanon. It is easily one of the most underrated travel destinations and is definitely a must-visit for your next Spring/Fall Break.