Hungry Fox Restaurant and Country Store is the cutest home owned brunch place in Tucson. If you are looking for an authentic southern brunch with a Mexican kick, then Hungry Fox is the place to be.

When you first walk into the restaurant, it takes you to their country store before you get seated so that you are able to look at fun, antique, and southern items that you might want to add to your kitchen at home. 

From a variety of home-made soaps, hand-made kitchen towelettes, cowboy-inspired decorations and cute stuffed animals for the kids. 

Once you enter the dining area, the entire room is filled with antique clocks, different themed nutcrackers for the holiday season, and cows - many, many cow decorations filled the room. 

The menu has various breakfast and lunch items with a separate menu for seniors and children. Their entire menu ranges from about $5 to $12 so what's better than a cheap but indulging meal?

Their breakfast menu has the standard pancakes, waffles, french toast, and eggs but their signature cinnamon bun rolls are a fun favorite to order before your food comes out. It is served on a hot plate and about the size of my face. The best part is that it definitely doesn't taste like the artificial cinnamon rolls that you would get out of a can, this is the real stuff.

Their breakfast southern twist consists of their "specialty" hot skillets where you can order a skillet of eggs and other foods such as ham or veggies. You can dip your toast in the skillet for a runny yolk and a blast of different flavors. Along with the skillets, there are steak and chops, which include chicken fried steak with eggs or a classic country benedict. 

While in Tucson, it's always good to have a Mexican-inspired meal whenever you can. Hungry Fox offers Huevos Rancheros, which is a fried tortilla topped with beans, homemade Spanish sauce, cheddar and Jack cheese all served with a double yolk omelet style egg. They also have a standard breakfast burrito, that is a Southern Arizona favorite.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your brunch on and do it the southern way!