With the COVID-19 pandemic coming to an end and more restaurants opening up, the next place to tick off your foodie bucket list needs to be Henrietta's Table, located in the Charles Hotel at the heart of Harvard Square. After being treated to the most delicious smoked salmon eggs benedict of my life, I can now explain exactly why Henrietta's Table is my favorite breakfast spot in town. 

Breakfast is served every day from 8am to 11am, and reservations are taken Monday-Friday only. Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday are first come first serve - so make sure you get there early! 

Jenny Tungsubutra

1. Farm-To-Table 

From the first bite of my smoked salmon eggs benedict, I immediately noticed how everything from the Anandama bread to the asparagus tasted extremely fresh. You can really taste every single bite of their farm-to-table fresh food from local farmers! 

Jenny Tungsubutra

2. Amazing Service

The waitstaff at Henrietta's Table show up with a super positive attitude in the morning, while also being patient (we couldn't help it that everything on the menu looked so good, it was extremely difficult to make a final decision) as well as checking in on us to see how we were doing throughout our meal. 

3. Outdoor Seating (and Indoor Vibes) 

Henrietta's Table has a gorgeous outdoor patio which is perfect for seating during the summer. I recommend going during breakfast on a summer's day, when it's not TOO hot yet. The patio in the morning has a lively ambiance where you can hear the distant chatter of conversations in the background while soaking in the fresh air (and getting some nice natural lighting for pictures). Their patio is open everyday and night, weather permitting. They do NOT take reservations for the patio, it is a first come first serve basis.

That being said, I've sat inside the restaurant as well, and it is also lovely. The aesthetic color scheme and interior design of the Charles Hotel is truly something else. 

Jenny Tungsubutra

4. Variety In Their Menu 

From buttermilk hotcakes to gluten free muffins to fresh omelets, Henrietta's Tables breakfast menu has a plethora of options to choose from. Whether you're craving sweet, savory, or even just a coffee (which is also amazing) in the morning, Henrietta's Table will definitely have something to satisfy your taste buds. Best part is, it's all made in house. 

5. Good Company 

Whether you want to bring your significant other, your parents, your friends, or even treat yourself to a delicious breakfast at Henrietta's Table, it's near impossible to not have good company at a restaurant as delicious as this. It's a place where you can  bring anyone (or come alone), because regardless of who comes with you, they are guaranteed to leave with a smile and want to come back- just like my friend and I, who enjoyed every single bite of our meals. 

6. Location 

Harvard Square is truly a great place to be, as it's really bustling with liveliness in the variety of stores scattered around. I certainly have a lot of restaurants to tick off my Harvard Square food bucket list, but the next one for you to tick off at your earliest convenience needs to be Henrietta's Table. 

Jenny Tungsubutra

I have yet to try the lunch and dinner options offered at Henrietta's Table, but I know I will be back to try more of their delicious dishes!