On my way to UNM campus in the mornings, whether its on the shuttle or in my car, I always pass the Fans of Film Cafe. It took me months of me passing it by, and a single friend to finally make my way there for a first visit. Without even stepping out of my friend Jenna's car, I ordered and experienced one of the most amazing dirty chai's of my life, or as the Cafe likes to call it—a "Porn Star." Here is why you should visit Fans of Film Cafe.

1. The Drive Up

beer, tea, coffee, pizza
Shani Harvie

Their quick access drive thru, fancily written menu, and street art exterior met much more than my expectations.

The concept of the cafe is pretty great, because as Burquenos know, the film industry is constantly growing here in town. But, there's a coffee shop that caters to that audience. Whether your a film lover, or a film maker the shop definitely has something to cater to your tastes. 

wine, grass, beer
Shani Harvie

2. All Your Filming Needs are Met 

If your in a film group and are interested in using the location to do some filming, all it takes is getting in contact with the owner and scheduling a time. If you would rather host a screening, the space also welcomes that, and you can get your work done, or play in the company of their vegan and vegetarian supported menu.

Shani Harvie

3. The V Roast

The cafe brews genuine V Roast coffee and has a cold brew bottled right here in town. Their coffee stands out because they use an electricity method to roast it, making it better for both "body and planet." They also have a cool web-show you can tune into on YouTube called Rise of the Java Zombie.

cake, pizza, tea, beer
Shani Harvie

4. The Mini Bookstore

This cafe is sweet, one of a kind, and they've got treats for creative minds alike. If your in no rush I'd suggest going in to take a look at their mini bookstore, they're well priced and its a great spot to read or do some homework. Next time you're around campus make sure to stop in or drive thru.             

beer, coffee
Shani Harvie