If you have not heard of Dutch Bros., then you probably live under a rock. Not actually, however, you are definitely missing out on a truly unique coffee experience. Dutch Bros. has multiple locations in the state of Arizona, so why are there no Dutch Bros. locations near Tucson? Here are many reasons why Dutch Bros. Coffee needs to open in Tucson.


Founded in 1992, by two brothers of Dutch descent (hence the name), Dutch Bros. has become the largest, privately-owned drive-through coffee establishment in the United States. Besides that, why is it so special? Dutch Bros. focuses on three essential ideas, which include speed, quality, and service.

The Menu

Another reason Dutch Bros. is so special is their unique menu. For example, I always order the same thing, which is a frozen Kicker. The Kicker is their take on a basic coffee flavored drink with exceptional coffee flavor. It tastes super fresh and creamy. In contrast, say you want to try a new drink every time, then you could order any of the different flavors frozen, hot, or cold. Some of their other flavors include Birthday Cake, Almond Bar, Cinnamon Dolce, and Toasted Mellow. 

Non-Coffee Drinks

Besides coffee, Dutch Bros. has many other cool drinks, like the Rebel. Rebels are a blend of Red Bull and other flavors. You can get a Rebel on ice or even frozen. Some popular Rebel flavors include Cotton Candy, Orangesicle, Dutch Mojito, and Tropical.

Community Involvement

Dutch Bros. is also known for their community involvement. Every year, Dutch Bros. donates over two million dollars to local communities and nonprofits. This makes the company super unique because of its philanthropic ties with the community; something many companies lack. In addition, during the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, Dutch Bros. promotes the hashtag: #beaware. They also, sell special pink to-go mugs during this month and donate a certain portion of the cost to Breast Cancer research.

Overall, all these features are prominent reasons why Dutch Bros. Coffee needs to come to Tucson. In addition to the perfect demographic, students from campus would flock to Dutch Bros. constantly for their daily coffee fix. Dutch Bros. Coffee is truly my favorite coffee place and I know that it would be an amazing asset to Tucson and The University of Arizona.