When I first walked into Byblos, I was blown away by the beauty of the restaurant. This two story Miami Beach eatery is decorated with Mediterranean style everything, whether it's the seats you sit in or the stunning walls, art and lighting fixtures surrounding you. The decor definitely matches the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, which is served family style, and the food is just as beautifully prepared as the restaurant is decorated.  


The first dish I tried was the hamachi served with jalapeño, sweet red onion, cucumber and lime. As a fish lover, I was really happy with this yellowtail dish. It was wonderfully prepared, very refreshing and by far one of my favorite appetizers on the menu

Spanish Octopus 

I have eaten a lot of octopus dishes in my day and I have to say, this one really blew me away. Most octopus recipes seem to be very similar, but this Spanish octopus was unlike any other. It was served with fingerling potatoes, chili vinaigrette and lemon. It was just the right amount of crispy and the sauce was amazing. 

Short Rib Kebab

I wasn't really sure how this dish was going to come because I have never had ribs served off the bone, but as I pulled the meat off the kebab I could feel myself struggling to contain the excitement I was feeling for this dish. The meat was so thinly sliced that it almost looked like roast beef. The edges were crispy and smokey and the center of the meat was soft and flavorful, not to mention the amazing truffle tzatziki that the meat was served with. I loved this entree and will definitely be ordering it again next time I visit Byblos. 

Black Truffle Rice

Whenever I see rice on a menu I can't help but order it. After reading through the six rice dishes offered, I knew I had to try the black truffle rice because come on, truffles. This dish was served with the obvious rice and truffles, but also with foraged mushrooms, crème fraiche and crispy chickpeas. Every ingredient in this dish perfectly complemented the others, and I will definitely be ordering this again as well. 

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse

I am a little biased when it comes to dessert because I only eat chocolate, so I didn't really give any of the other dessert options a chance. But like most chocolate desserts, I loved this. The hazelnut chocolate mousse was served with Katafi baklava, coffee molasses and chocolate caramel tuile.

While I didn't have any drinks during this meal besides water, I am planning to go back to Byblos for their happy hour. The menu includes an assortment of wines, beers, cocktails, spiked teas and some small bites. I look forward to returning to this amazingly decorated restaurant to enjoy the drinks, food and outstanding staff.