Passenger Coffee is out of this World. It is SO damn good.

I have just recently become obsessed with coffee since Passenger entered into my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have never tasted better coffee, EVER. Fun fact: I’m probably drinking one of their cold brew bottles right now.

Passenger Coffee just opened up their very first café on 7W King Street in Lancaster, PA. They serve fresh coffee, tea, and pastries. The ambiance is incredible; a great spot to grab an iced coffee with friends and maybe even do some school work. The baristas are fabulous and very friendly! You have the option to enjoy one of their amazing fresh pastries, made daily, or even a chocolate bar with your coffee too. The photo below features their delicious biscuit with butter and blood orange jam.


Photo courtesy of Arella Berger

I was raving to one of the baristas the other day about their bottled cold brew coffee, pictured below. He told me that it goes through a 20-hour brewing process, which explains why the flavors are so robust and delicious.

I like to pour their cold brew in a glass over ice, add half & half, and sometimes a bit of maple syrup. The coffee’s finish is so sweet that you really don’t need any sweetener at all. They sell 2 different bottles of cold brew: black, and lightly sweetened with whole milk.


Photo courtesy of @passengercoffee on Instagram

And, Passenger Coffee keeps getting better. They sell 12 unique bags of ground coffee that you can purchase in their shop or online. Each bag ranges in price from $10-$20, and if you order coffee online, it’s free shipping over $30! The descriptions for each type of coffee are seriously delicious. Additionally, when you purchase a bag of coffee in their café, they give you a free coffee to drink.

You must check out and taste the magic that is Passenger Coffee, your life will be changed forever, and if you do not live local in Lancaster, please do yourself a favor and order some of their coffees online. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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