Before arriving at Emory, I was extremely excited to try new restaurants and cuisines and explore a brand-new city known for its amazing food. At first, I was given restaurant recommendations from friends, but as time moved on, the list narrowed down, and I was left to search on my own.

Discovering Whiskey Bird was a game changer, and it has remained one of my favorite restaurants ever since. If you feel like you have tried all the restaurants in Atlanta and are looking for something new, Whiskey Bird is a great place to start!


Whiskey Bird has two dining areas: an indoor seating room and an outdoor patio. Inside, the room has a clean and sleek feel, while also featuring vibrant colors in its decor. My favorite part is the palm tree wallpaper with a pink neon light-up sign. When walking into the restaurant, it is clear that Whiskey Bird possesses a young and fun atmosphere. The outdoor seating also makes for a great experience and allows for guests to enjoy the fresh air when the weather is nice. 


There are so many delicious appetizers at Whiskey Bird, and it will definitely be hard to choose your first time around. I hope my recommendations allow for easier navigation of the menu!

Without a doubt, my personal favorite is the dip duo. This delicious appetizer comes with the crunchiest wonton chips you will ever taste and sides of yuzu guacamole and Korean queso. The contrast between the crunchy chip and melt-in-your-mouth queso makes an amazing combination for this appetizer.

Another favorite of mine is the crispy brussels. This dish comes with warm and crispy brussels sprouts, served with a variety of toppings including a fried egg, bacon, maple syrup, and more. I can assure you that any dish you order will be delicious, but make sure not to fill up on the appetizers! We are just getting started. 


The entrees on Whiskey Bird's menu are as mouth-watering as they sound. Starting with the salads and sandwiches, the options are endless. They have a twist on a Caesar salad with cotija cheese and miso caesar dressing, a chopped salad, and a Thai steak and noodle salad.

Moving on to the sandwiches, the burger at Whiskey bird is just as amazing as it sounds and comes with a side of fries that will leave you craving more. The bun is straight from Alon’s Bakery and makes all the difference for this dish. It is juicy and flavorful and comes with two patties, leaving you full and satisfied.

In the house specialties section, my favorite dish is the sesame panko-crusted chicken. This bowl is served with a bed of sushi rice and a salad with arugula, tomato, and avocado and is topped with crispy chicken and their amazing gochujang ranch. This dish meets simplicity with deliciousness and is always my go-to when dining at Whiskey Bird. 


Whiskey Bird offers three dessert options, and you truly cannot go wrong with whichever you choose. Being the chocolate-loving person I am, I simply could not resist the warm brownie sundae. This dessert is served with a warm, gooey brownie, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate fudge, and cherries. They also serve a delicious key lime pie bar, which is a sweet and refreshing dessert for those who aren’t chocolate lovers.