We all know that Greg Brady is a hot commodity because you get your fave comfort food on a burger, but what about the other burgers that people rave for. Peanut butter on a burger, anyone? If you haven’t had Jack Brown’s, I suggest you get over there right now and live the religious experience that is taking your first bite. The flavors blend together to create a perfect unity that drives your taste buds cray. Have your burger and be it too.This quiz will determine which of the juicy burgers from Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint you relate most too.

  1. Favorite hybrid food.

  2. Pick a song.

  3. How would people describe you?

  4. Fries or nah?

  5. Who is your soulmate from Dunder Mifflin?

  6. It's the first weekend of fall. What are you up to?


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