If you are a health nut like me, then I am sure you have spent your fair share of time at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. The real question is, which is better, Whole Foods or Trader Joes? Let's look at both places and find out!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is located all around Arizona and there are even a few locations just minutes away from campus. Did I mention that some locations even accept Cat Cash? Proving, its large connection with the University of Arizona.

Also, Whole Foods is known for their salad and hot bars. Serving up freshly prepared meals every day, Whole Foods is perfect for any college student. However, make sure to be cautious because the price depends on the weight of what you get. My favorite food at their hot bar includes the mac n' cheese, grape leaves, and soups. Also, the salad bar offers various fresh produce and ingredients to craft the perfect salad for any occasion. Another favorite of mine includes the many fresh pressed juices.

These juices are delicious and super healthy, but again can be pretty pricey. I recommend the carrot apple ginger juice. Another favorite of mine includes the sushi. At Whole Foods, they make the sushi daily with all natural ingredients. I love how they use brown rice, making it even better for you! I suggest trying the spicy tuna roll with avocado and brown rice (pictured below). 

Overall, Whole Foods is a great place for students to grab a quick bite or some groceries, but it can be pretty expensive. However, Trader Joe's is known for their super reasonable prices and tasty frozen food.

Trader Joe's

Besides Trader Joe's great prices and a variety of amazing frozen food, it has a lot of pre-made food, including salads and soups. I believe these salads are more reasonable than Whole Food's salad bar because the salads can get pretty expensive without you even knowing it. For one set price, you can indulge in these super yummy and affordable salads from Trader Joe's. 

Although Trader Joe's is farther away from campus, I believe it is much more affordable than Whole Foods. Being a college student, it is all about discounts. Thus, making Trader Joe's a more favorable choice.