It’s Saturday morning and your head is pounding. No chance you’re getting out of bed, but your body is still desperate for recovery. There's only one timeless meal that you are guaranteed to enjoy anytime of day, especially while hungover. Next time your hangover is winning, bring the Farmer’s Market to you with Ian’s Breakfast Pizza.

Sweet Potato & Kale

kale, cheese, spinach
Michael Lim
Sweet potato, eggs, onion, gorgonzola, kale

Topped with grilled onion, eggs, and gorgonzola cheese, this slice of heaven is chock full of vitamins—more specifically, the Vitamin B you’re lacking from last night's alcohol consumption.

Eggs also contain the amino acids “taurine” and “cysteine,” which boost liver function and break down “acetaldehyde,” the chemical released from your liver’s breakdown of alcohol (AKA the culprit behind all your hangover headaches). And, let’s not forget the protein and fat in cheese.

The kale, high in Vitamin E, will counteract the damage of last night’s booze on your immune system’s T-cells. Meanwhile, the hearty sweet potato will help stabilize your blood sugar in the morning and give you the energy to survive today.

Let’s not forget carbs. There’s a reason we crave them after a night out: they settle our stomach. And for that we are grateful for the Sweet Potato & Kale breakfast pizz

Meat Lovers

Michael Lim
Breakfast sausage, Wisconsin Maple Syrup, bacon

This pizza will cure even the worst of hangovers. We've all heard the cautionary tale that the darker the alcohol, the worse the hangover. So, after a night of Brandy or Bourbon, this is your best bet.

You can never go wrong with Breakfast Sausage and Bacon, but what truly makes this pizza is the Wisconsin Maple Syrup. The touch of sweetness makes this pizza the ultimate remedy. Even if your liver is still upset with you, your stomach definitely won't be after a slice of this 'za.

Denver Omelette

cheese, pizza
Michael Lim

Tater tots, bell peppers, onions, pepper, eggs, and Cheddar cheese

Picture this: You wake up, the room is spinning, your phone is at 7% percent battery, and you realize you're not in your own bed. You turn over, and it's the frat boy from your psych class. You have nearly lost all confidence in your decision-making abilities, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel: Denver Omelette Pizza. 

The onions and peppers will help out your liver, and the potatoes will help soak up any wop that's still working its way through your system. You'll regain all confidence in your decision making abilities, and strut your walk of shame with this slice in hand.

Biscuits & Gravy

fish, vegetable, seafood, chicken, meat
Michael Lim

Sausage, cheese, gravy, and biscuit

Sometimes, the party doesn't stop when you fall asleep. You wake up, and may or may not still be a little tipsy. Your drunchies are seemingly unsatisfied from last night's indulgences, and you need something to instigate a nice hungover food coma.

Behold: Biscuit's and Gravy Pizza. You won't feel an ounce of guilt in indulging, as it will satisfy all cravings in the matter of a few bites. It will induce the perfect post-night out hungover nap that will end just in time to do it again the next night.

Huevos Rancheros

Michael Lim

Tortilla, corn and bean salsa, spicy ranchero sauce, eggs, and Pepperjack Cheese

Last night you drank upwards of 8 Long Islands, and by some mind boggling twist of fate, you aren't hungover. It's a mystery to everybody, and it's empowering. You are invincible. Your morning after brunch will be an extension of your bad ass ways.

Huevos Rancheros pizza is a little spicy, crafted for the bold. Considering your hangover is non-existent, you're free to dabble in the spicy, and you are fearless in straying for your typical hangover spread. 

Jamberry Jam

cream, chocolate
Michael Lim
Vanilla yogurt, berries, granola

This delicate pizza is best enjoyed after a night of sipping on a full bodied red or even a less classy night of slapping the bag. The vanilla yogurt will give you the protein boost your body definitely needs, and the Pistachio-Ricotta Blend will make your headache feel non-existent. Plus, the delicious berries will help you forget about all the mistakes you made the night before.

Spoon Tip: This pizza is best accompanied with Ian's mini cinnamon rolls.


lager, ale, alcohol, liquor, beer
Michael Lim

After a night out hair of the dog is something few people can artfully stomach. So rehydrate while ending that killer headache with Cadence Cold Brew Coffee.

Lucky for us, Ian's serves this life changing beverage alongside their breakfast pizzas. Cold brew is also proven to be easier on your stomach with less acid, cafestol, and kahweol. Because it's brewed without heat which means less chlorogenic acid, so your stomach can finally settle.

Ian's has always catered to Madison's late night cravings and now they can cater to our hangovers as well. Even if your heads not throbbing and you had a low-key night, trust us, you'll still be craving these breakfast pizzas.