Everywhere you go, the Olympic Games are bound to be on a nearby TV. And everyone has a favorite Olympic sport to watch, even if you don't know exactly what is going on in the game (me 100% of the time). While you're watching your favorite American athlete go for the gold, it's necessary to have something good to eat or snack on. If you can't decide where to go to grab some food, no worries—I've come up with places you should eat based on your favorite Olympic sport that will surely make you feel like you've won a gold medal.

1. Curling: Five Guys 

A curling team has five people on it, so naturally, Five Guys' burgers and fries is the best option for a curling fan. While you're at it, grab an order of curly fries for the ultimate curling viewing snack.

2. Ice Hockey: Tim Horton's

Tim Horton's is one of the most famous Canadian restaurant chains, and would be the perfect place for an ice hockey fan to grab a cup of coffee and catch the game. Sounds perfect, eh?

3. Figure Skating: Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's is a chain that makes delicious soft pretzels and pretzel poppers. Figure skaters are basically human pretzels. They can turn, flip, twist and move their bodies in ways that are unimaginable, all while on ice. So if figure skating is the sport for you, grab a warm soft pretzel with cheese and let the skating begin!

4. Bobsled: Chipotle

A person in a bobsled looks like a wrapped up burrito, just like the Chipotle burritos. But... I'm not trying to wear one of those skin tight suits after I have my burrito. I'll leave that to them. 

5. Speed skating: Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's delivery service advertises their brand for being *freaky fast*, just like the Olympic speed skaters. Before you settle in to watch a speed skating race, call Jimmy Johns and your sandwich will be there before the skater crosses the finish line.

6. Biathlon: McDonald's 

Lets be honest, when you go to McDonald's, you never just order one thing. The dollar menu is hard to resist especially when a hamburger, fries, and a shake on the side totals in to under $10. The biathlon is the Olympic event that gives you the most for your money, so obviously, if you love watching the biathlon, McDonald's is the place for you.

7. Cross Country Skiing: In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out is a burger chain known for their delicious, juicy burgers and gooey cheese fries with locations spanning from Texas to the beaches of Western California. Being from the Midwest, I would have to travel across the country to get a coveted In-N-Out burger, just like the Olympic cross country snow skiers do to get that gold (and it would 100% be worth it). 

8. Ski Jumping: IHOP

Ski jumping is a sport that requires a lot of hopping, jumping, and flying off ramps down huge ski hills. IHOP would be the best restaurant chain for a ski jumping fan, PLUS they serve 24-hour breakfast!

9. Snowboarding: Dairy Queen

DQ's famous blizzards can withstand the ultimate test—flip 'em upside down and they don't fall (kinda like Shaun White). You can even test this theory out while watching the games and might feel just as accomplished.  

So, before the Olympics end, be sure to head out to your favorite chain or order in and enjoy the games!