If you keep up with Spoon Hawaii, either on our Instagram or our articles, you’ll know that we’re totally obsessed with Pipieline Bakeshop & Creamery. They serve homemade ice cream and amaazzzing baked treats, and although I don’t like to play favorite when it comes to sweets, their Cake Bombs are always my go-to.

You might be wondering what exactly a Cake Bomb is, because when I first heard of it, I thought of a molten lava cake (it makes sense, right?). But it’s actually a super moist, dense mini bundt cake that comes in beautiful flavors. There’s always a constant 8 flavors that never change, but like the rest of their, there’s always one flavor that changes every week.

Each Cake Bomb has a unique flavor and personality, so if you’ve made your way down to Pipeline but are having a difficult time choosing, don’t worry. I gotchu.

If your friend describes you as:

Childish: Cereal

The Cereal Cake Bomb, made with Fruity Pebbles, is the perfect treat for the inner child in you! It takes you back to the simpler times when you would pour yourself a heaping bowl of this sugary cereal and ice cold milk, sit in front of the TV, and watch cartoons before heading off to school.

The cake itself has fruity pebbles cereal inside, and the frosting has little specks of this rainbow breakfast food. This flavor is on the sweeter side of the different Cake Bomb options, but that sugar rush will make you feeling nostalgic.

Corina Quach

Shy: Coconut:

Coconut has a reputation for being a bold flavor, but the way Pipeline does it, the coconut flavor is very subtle. It gets help from the toasted coconut flakes sprinkled on top, but the cake and frosting itself aren’t bursting with the coconut flavor. The coconut can be found the strongest in the aftertaste – other than that, it’s just a simple, plain, beautiful white cake sent from the heavens.

Corina Quach

Bold: Coffee

Just like your personality, this Cake Bomb is bold and packed with a strong coffee flavor to help you start your morning. Both the base and frosting are made with coffee, meaning it's a double-whammy for your caffeine intake. If you like your coffee black, this is honestly the best dessert for you, because the flavor is so smooth and rich, just like a nice, piping hot cup of coffee. 

Corina Quach

Sophisticated: Matcha

When I bite into this cake bomb, I see a beautiful, quiet Japanese woman with long black hair, practicing the traditional art of Japanese Tea Ceremony. Now, this may not necessarily describe you physically, but if your friends constantly describe you as the mature one in our group (like me), you’d probably love the Matcha Cake Bomb. The robust green tea flavor matches your refined personality, and the subtle sweetness indicates your mellow behavior. 

Corina Quach

Playful: Strawberry Guava

We all have that jokester friend that’s always hyped in every situation, trying to get a good laugh out of people. If that sounds oddly like you, chances are you’d love this Strawberry Guava Cake Bomb. The two flavors are the perfect combination, dancing on your taste buds. The tartness from the guava skips next to the sweet strawberry flavor, and just like your quirky personality, people just can’t get enough of it! 

Corina Quach

Adventurous: Flavor of the Week – Bailey’s Irish Crème

Do you crave adventure and the thrill of life? Are you always the one making plans with your friends? Do you get bored easily?

If you answered yes to any of these, I know the perfect Cake Bomb for you – all of them!

The Flavor of the Week changes, well, weekly! That means that you’ll never have to settle for the same ole boring thing, and can always change up your Cake Bomb routine. 

Corina Quach

This week’s flavor of the week was the Bailey’s Irish Crème, and what better way to prove my point than this flavor? I think mixing a sweet alcoholic drink into cake is one of the most adventurous things you can do to a baked dessert. This Cake Bomb has so many different flavors in one bite, you’ll never get bored of this it. Subtly sweet with a bit of bitterness, a caramel cake with a hint of nuttiness, and a sweet sticky caramel crème drizzled on top

Corina Quach

I only listed six flavors, even though I said that there’s nine flavors each week, and no, you didn’t do your math wrong, don’t worry, you’re still smarter than a fifth grader.

Pipeline is so popular among all the locals and tourists, that by the time I got my hands on these Cake Bombs an hour before they closed, these were the only flavors they had left.

My #SpoonAdvice? Get there early to snag some freshly baked goods and get the best selection possible.