When August rolls around, rising first years and upperclassmen alike face the reality of coming back to Charlottesville for fall semester. Although the stress of classes looms on the horizon, many students are looking forward to getting back to their favorites, including Boylan Burger Bar.  

Boylan is not only home to the Wahoo, UVA’s signature drink, but it’s also the known to all students and townies as the best spot on The Corner for a gourmet burger. Everyone knows that when it’s a Boylan night, it’s a burger night. The only thing up for debate is which one of Boylan’s dozen burgers to choose from.

With a school-themed menu, it only makes sense that students with different majors would go for certain burgers. Here’s the best burger for every student to try, based on their major.

The All-American: Economics

The All-American burger is Boylan’s most classic menu item. Not only is it the cheapest burger on the menu, which economics majors will appreciate, but it’s also the best seller. That makes it a perfect fit for the University’s most popular major, with about 11% of undergraduates majoring in general economics.

The Varsity: Student Athletes

Regardless of their actual major, UVA’s student athletes are notorious for their big appetites and access to the best dining hall on grounds. They like to brag about being athletes by ordering this clearly labeled Varsity burger. They also really appreciate the concentrated calories from a cheeseburger, chili, onion rings, and ranch.

The Model UN: Spanish

With guacamole, black bean and corn salsa, and pepper jack cheese this mexican-inspired burger is the perfect fit for any Spanish major. They can at least enjoy some satisfying food while wishing that they were studying abroad instead of back in the good old state of Virginia.

The Bird is the Word: Pre-Med

Whether their actual major is biology, chemistry, or something more exotic, all pre-med students know to go for the healthiest version of a burger that Boylan has to offer. Instead of a beef patty, this health-conscious burger has grilled chicken for protein, guacamole for healthy fats, and an english muffin to hold it all together.

Room 121: Curry School of Education

Getting ready for a life in education, all Curry School students are naturally drawn to the burger named after a classroom. They’ll be in for a pleasant surprise when you realize that it’s a bacon cheeseburger elevated by Boylan’s signature sauce.

Meating Cancelled 2.0: Environmental Science

In the case of environmental science students, certain widely-made assumptions actually are true. One of which is that they are passionate about caring for the earth.

This meatless burger is a great match for environmental science students, not just because it’s more sustainable than a traditional beef patty, but also because it’s one of the most delicious items on the menu. The house-made plant-based patty is made from quinoa, black beans, and a secret spice blend.

The Foreign Exchange: International Relations

International relations and affairs is another popular major at UVA. The Foreign Exchange burger has the perfect name to match the major. The diversity of flavors, including grilled onions and pineapple, a beef patty, and swiss cheese, also appeals to an international relations major’s appreciation for cultural diversity.

Western CIV: Architecture

Somehow, the Western CIV burger manages to pile a beef patty with two different types of cheeses, fried onions, pork barbecue, slaw, and two sauces on one deliciously soft bun. Every A-School student will appreciate the architecture of layering this burger, if it can even be called a mere burger anymore.

Buns N Burner: Politics

With the current political scene, Politics majors leaving UVA will be getting out of the frying pan and jumping into the fire. They can begin preparing for a life in the bureaucracy with a burning burger. The spice comes from sriracha, pepper jack cheese, jalepeno, and a house-made hot sauce, so prepare your tastebuds.

BOMB: Media Studies

Media studies majors like to be in-tune with the times and the always-changing online environment. That makes the BOMB (Boylan’s Burger of the Month) an obvious go-to. Every month, the chefs at Boylan construct an entirely new burger, full of surprises. One thing that stays the same is that it’s always built to entertain.

#SpoonTip: The burger above was March's BOMB, inspired by Kyle Guy's man-bun. While it's no longer available, cross your fingers for a reappearance when March Madness rolls around again.

Scantron Burger: Engineering

I won’t belittle your intelligence by explaining out the intricacies of this pairing. Engineers, regardless of their concentration, take pleasure from building things that really work. That’s why they’ll enjoy reaching for a scantron to build their own burger to perfectly fit their tastes.

If your major wasn’t listed, have no fear. Boylan has a variety of other sandwich options, including a build your own grilled cheese. Even the appetizers are hearty enough to fuel any student through fun-filled night out. Gather your friends as they’re getting back into town after a long summer of work and travel, then head to Boylan.

#SpoonTip: Be sure to keep an eye out for game day specials because it’s almost football season, and I have a feeling this is finally going to be our year.