Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about the green, creamy, delightful and insanely good-for-you fruit (yes, fruit!) known as the avocado. Whether you prefer it on your morning toast or mashed up in your guacamole, you can surely find your avocado fix somehow. 

Over the past decade, we have been lucky enough to witness the avocado's rise out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Now we get to see and enjoy these magical fruits served up in so many delightful dishes at restaurants everywhere.

In a small college town like Lexington, Virginia, where must one go in order to satisfy his or her inevitable avocado craving? I went on a mission to find out. Between visiting Blue Phoenix Cafe, The Palms, Blue Sky Bakery and Fireside, I found six dishes that did just the trick of getting me my highly necessary avocado fix. And I hope they do the same for you. 

The Phoenix Salad, Blue Phoenix Cafe

Josie Anker

Trust me—this is a salad that looks amazing but tastes even better. The crunch of the fresh veggies and seeds, the flavorful house-made veggie burger, and the creamy slices of avocado all come together to form this healthy, delicious and satisfying meal.

The California Wrap, Blue Phoenix Cafe

Josie Anker

If you are at Blue Phoenix but not in the mood for a salad, order yourself a California Wrap. This ten-out-of-ten lunch packs together crunchy lettuce and tomatoes with grilled artichokes, herb aioli,  farmers cheese and creamy avocado rolled up together inside a soft, whole-wheat tortilla wrap—all for your taste bud's enjoyment. 

The Great Smokey, Blue Sky Bakery

Josie Anker

Avocado is so versatile that it thrives not only when cut into pieces, but also when mashed into a spread as well. With smoked turkey, fresh salsa, lettuce, and Monterey Jack cheese, The Great Smokey sandwich from Blue Sky is a prime example of how spreading on some avocado can truly enrich your "bite into your sandwich" experience.

Fried Green Tomato Caprese, The Palms

Josie Anker

How can you make avocado taste even better than it does on its own? Put it in between two slices of toasted sourdough bread along with mozzarella, aioli, sliced red tomato and fried green tomato. Are your taste buds watering yet?

California Tacos, The Palms

Josie Anker

These spicy shrimp California tacos do not disappoint. The pico de gallo packs a nice punch and the avocado and blackened shrimp add just right amount of texture to balance out this perfectly palatable plate. Taco Tuesdays, anyone?

Avo Everything, Fireside

Josie Anker

The introduction of the Avo Everything at Washington & Lee University's Fireside Pub and Cafe up in the third year village was truly a game changer for the W&L community. The Avo Everything is a highly respectable work of art comprised of an everything bagel, an egg, cream cheese, hot sauce, and of course, avocado. What more could you want out of a meal? Get it for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner.

What are you waiting for? 

Now that you know where to go to get your avocado fix in Lexington, do yourself a favor and go out, hit the town and eat some avocados. You won't regret it.