Are you trying to figure out where to eat in Lexington? Look no further! This is where you should get dinner based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Pure Eats

Aries, you are honest and optimistic, so Pure Eats is the perfect place for you. When you feel a bit impatient head over to order at the counter and get a sandwich, sweet potato fries, and a donut. They'll be in your hands (and your stomach!) in minutes.

Taurus: Southern Inn

Just like you, Taurus, Southern Inn is reliable. Their fried chicken is always amazing. This is one of those times it's okay to be a little possessive. This is your meal, and you will want to come as close as possible to licking your plate clean.

Gemini: Taps

Madalynn Smith

Gemini, you're always a little curious about trying new things, so Taps should be your go-to spot. Everything on the menu is amazing, so, no matter what you choose, you'll be satisfied. Your only problem is going to be your indecisiveness. What dish should you order? You'll just have to keep going to Taps to try them all!

Cancer: The Palms

Taylor Garcia

You're always loyal, Cancer, so it's no wonder that your dinner spot should be a classic. The Palms has likely been there for your comfort food needs since your first semester freshman year--maybe even before that! If you're feeling a little moody or pessimistic, the Savannah Sprouts are sure to lift your spirits.

Leo: Cookout

Leo, you're incredibly passionate, and sometimes you don't have the time to stop for a long meal. Instead, go to Cookout. You can get a quick dinner (which helps when you're feeling a bit lazy!) and choose from a wide variety of options. Don't forget your milkshake!

Virgo: Bistro on Main

Before you get to working hard, Virgo, you should stop at Bistro on Main. Bistro offers "casual and contemporary dining" that is perfect for your practical tastes. Life needs a bit of play in it, and that can start with Bistro Burgers (or salads) with friends.

Libra: Rocca

Libra, Rocca is the perfect place for you. With a louder atmosphere than many of the other spots on this list, the Italian eatery offers a spot for you and your fifteen (or thirty, maybe more) closest friends to enjoy a wonderful and filling meal.

Scorpio: Blue Sky

Taylor Garcia

Scorpios are known for being resourceful, passionate, and amazing friends; no wonder your restaurant is Blue Sky! Just like you will never leave a friend hanging, that grilled cheese and focaccia bread will always be there for you.

Sagittarius: Salerno's

Madalynn Smith

Sagittarius, we all know you have an amazing sense of humor, and what better place to share a few of your newest jokes than Salerno's? Grab your friends and a few wood-fired pizzas (I recommend the Farm Girl!) and have a good time! 

Capricorn: The Red Hen

Madalynn Smith

Pull out your good manners and head to The Red Hen, Capricorn! You might expect the worst in most situations, but just know that you'll get the best farm-to-table food and high quality service at this little Lexington gem.

Aquarius: Blue Phoenix

Madalynn Smith

Blue Phoenix is the perfect eatery for you, Aquarius. And if the fresh salads don't make you run over, your progressive, humanitarian roots will most certainly pull you to this vegan/vegetarian-friendly spot.

Pisces: Frank's

Pisces, you are very trusting, but that's not a weakness when it comes to Frank's! The penne vodka will never let you down. And neither will the meatball subs. And neither will the pizza. You get the idea.