We are all inspired by our favorite shows in one way or another — why not let them inspire what's on our plates? Find out where you should eat out in San Luis Obispo based on your favorite sitcom. 


You love the classics in life — and nothing makes you happier than hanging out with your crazy, good group of friends. No matter who your friends are, you will enjoy their company at Scout Coffee. Like the Central Perk, Scout is an iconic "hanging out" coffee shop that's easy to spend the whole day in. It's fun environment, yummy pastries and great coffee makes it an obvious go-to spot to catch up with friends. It's only flaw is not playing "Smelly Cat" on repeat! 

New Girl 

So, you want to live like Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Coach? Jump on that couch and pick up your phone! It's time to call in some pizza. Fatte's is an easy call away and the pizza place you should eat from next. They have an amazing Chicken Combo pizza with garlic, black olives and onions that Nick would definitely approve of. For the ultimate New Girl experience, turn on some football and make sure all your besties join you on the couch.  Live like the roommates of apartment 4D by chilling at home and eating some cheap, delicious grub.  

Parks and Rec 

Whether you have more of a sweet tooth like Leslie or a love for savory food like Ron, Louisa's Place is the breakfast spot for you. Their waffles are perfectly sweet and fluffy and would easily get Leslie's stamp of approval. They even sell a waffle with bacon baked inside for the Swansons out there. However, If you are a healthy eater like Chris Traeger, try out the Vegetable Medley Omelette. Tom and Donna would say "treat yo self!" to this delicious San Luis Obispo breakfast joint, and you should too.

How I Met Your Mother

Ever want to join Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney at the iconic MacLaren's booth? SLO Brew is the perfect local option for a great happy hour with good friends. Suit up, its time to eat out! Try their beer selection, wings, chips and salsa or fries for a tasty night on the town. Who knows, you might just meet "the one" while you're there as well. SLO Brew will make your night legen — wait for it — dary! 

The Big Bang Theory 

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon has a very particular eating schedule, and Mondays are reserved for Thai takeout. So this Monday, order in Thai Palace and toast to the crew's whacky ways. Order chicken satay with extra peanut sauce like Sheldon, or try their pad Thai which is a group favorite for Leonard, Howard and Raj. 


Instead of asking what farm your chicken came from or pickling your own food, try out The Vegetable Butcher. They offer great vegetarian and vegan meals worthy of Portlandia hipster tastebuds. If you do want to try their meat dishes, you can do so consciously knowing the meat is locally sourced and of premium quality. Just don't be too disappointed when none of their decor has a bird on it.