A lot of the times, I find that people don't pay much attention to their zodiac, but honestly, it's very helpful at times to know a little about your sign. No, I don't get up every morning to check my horoscope and track planetary movements, but, as an Aries (and a very stereotypical one at that) I know some of my strengths and weaknesses. While basing your life on pure mysticism isn't the best way to go, your sign can tell a lot about you, including what types of restaurants and cuisines you would enjoy most. And after a lot of research about each sign and going through page after page on OpenTable, I was able to compile this list of where you should eat in Orlando, based on your zodiac sign—which I hope you find to be both accurate and helpful. 

Aries: The Ravenous Pig

As the first sign of the zodiac—which I proudly claim as mine—Aries is bold, adventurous, and ready to take on any challenge. When it comes to food, taking risks to try new things is never a problem; in fact, it's a requirement. Aries likes bold, spicy, and exotic flavors. Basically, if it doesn't feel like fireworks in your mouth, it wasn't worth it. With dishes like the Verde Beef Sausage which combines green strawberry relish, mole and queso fresco, the Ravenous Pig is sure to satisfy the bold palate of the Aries. Moreover, with a seasonal menu that changes daily, an Aries is always bound to fuel their adventurous taste buds here.

Taurus: The Boheme 

Taurus is all about the sensual experience. To them, the atmosphere present in a restaurant is just as important as the food itself. For this sign, detailed decor and live music are in order. That being said, what better place for a Taurus to eat than a restaurant that proudly features "Dine Artfully" as their slogan? A Taurus would especially love The Bohome's Jazz Brunch which features some of the hottest musicians in Central Florida and  "the finest culinary offerings." With this upscale dining experience, a Taurus is sure to not only feed their stomach, but their hungry senses.

Gemini: The Tea Room Experience

Gemini is the trendy and sociable sign. People born under this sign often listen to obscure music, love long conversations, and hate authority figures. Sometimes they may be described as a "gossip girl/boy" because they love to crank up rumors to create some exciting conversation. Regardless of whether or not you're spilling tea though, The Tea Room Experience is the perfect place to stimulate great conversations. There, a Gemini can have the Afternoon Tea Experience with their choice of seasonally selected loose life tea, along with scones, finger sandwiches, Devonshire Cream, preserves, and miniature pastries—the perfect recipe for a friendly get-together or some juicy gossip. 

Cancer: Soco Restaurant

Like a crab that carries its home on its back, Cancer likes coziness and comfort. With their metaphorical claws, people born under Cancer cling to family and the safety of home in order to feel secure and comfortable. This may sound obvious, but for a Cancer, comfort food is a definite favorite. Soco stands for "Southern Contemporary" and serves up some of the best southern comfort food in Orlando. With a modern twist on traditional southern cuisine, Soco provides a new experience while still preserving the essence of comfort to make a Cancer feel at home.

Leo: Enzo's on the Lake

Leo is fiery sign with strong passions and emotions, especially when it comes to romantic affairs. They always wear their hearts on their sleeves and have tons of energy in store. A Leo would prefer a romantic setting along with a kitchen staff that is just as passionate about food as the Leo is about love. Named as one of the Top 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America by OpenTable, there is no better choice for a Leo than Enzo's on the Lake. Sparks are guaranteed to fly between a Leo and their date as they overlook Lake Fairy while they dine on authentic Italian cuisine. Fueling their passions and their stomachs simultaneously, a Leo wouldn't have it any other way for their significant others and TBH, is the type of BF/GF we all need. 

Virgo: The Rusty Spoon

This sign rules the sixth house of health and fitness, and is about all things green. You can often find them out and about on Earth Day, eating at vegan-only restaurants, or maybe even running for the Green Party. Regardless of their diet, Virgos tend to like places that serve food with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The Rusty Spoon was opened in 2014 and after only four years, is already voted the "'best farm to table' restaurant hands down" and co-founder, Kathleen Blake, is even credited with using the tagline 'farm to table' before it became so mainstream. Do I even have to talk about why a Virgo would love to eat here?

Libra: Seasons 52

A Libra is all about beauty and style. Although some might find, from that description, that Libras are vain and shallow, that is simply not true; they love to show off their inner beautiful personalities as much as they love to show off their clothes and good looks. An ideal place for them to eat then, would definitely be somewhere that pays attention to every detail from decor to plating. Seasons 52 was founded in 2003 in Orlando, but now has over 40 locations across the United States. The exterior of the Orlando location is a modern build, bound to catch a Libra's eye before they even enter. Inside, wooden floors and ceilings with stone pillars create a cozy, cabin-like ambiance, while floor-to-ceiling windows show off a stunning lakeside view. The food is elegantly planted and works with the surrounding decor to deliver a sophisticated atmosphere so that no detail is left behind. With all this attention to detail, Seasons 52 is beautiful inside and out just like Libras themselves. 

Scorpio: Sugar Factory Orlando

Scorpios tend to very intense people; they are often very focused and love to channel their emotions into work and creativity; and when it comes to food and pop culture, they are the trendsetters of the zodiac. As such, there is no other place they would rather be than this trendy American Brasserie that has hosted many celebrities and even has its own line of Mariah Carey Christmas Treats. The Sugar Factory's signature 60 ounce goblet drinks—which happen to be available without alcohol for those of us under 21—are sure to give anyone the sugar rush of the lifetime While they have only a few locations across the U.S., The Sugar Factory is quickly growing as a chain and as a trend, and I'm sure some of Orlando's trendsetting Scorpios wouldn't mind donating some of their time to help this place out (wink, wink). 

Sagittarius: Morimoto Asia

If you're a Scorpio then you're an adventurous traveler and wanderer. You love to experience what each region of this world has to offer and that's why you love to explore non-American cuisines. With all the options in Orlando, you can try out a world's worth of food, but the best place that comes to mind is Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs. Serving up everything from sushi to dim sum, this is the best place to sample a bunch of Asian cuisines at once. Masaharu Morimoto, the founder of Morimoto Asia, received his practical training in sushi and Kaiseki cuisine in Japan. Morimoto Asia was his first pan-Asian restaurant and has become a huge hit ever since it opened in Disney Springs. Keep in mind though, that a Scorpio's taste buds are travelers too, and that this restaurant should only be the first stop on your food journey.

Capricorn: STK

As a Capricorn, you're a straight shooter and doing things "just for the hell of it" isn't really your thing since you tend to be more traditional and simple. For that reason, you're not a huge fan of extravagance when it comes to food—fancy plating and weird, unknown flavors don't exactly pique your interest. You're that person that would rather repeatedly order the same thing off the menu than something new that sounds too risky. Often, people mistake you for a 'Plain Jane' type of person but you're not; you just like to have control over your dish and to be able to eat something with familiar flavors. For that reason STK is the perfect option for you—while STK has options for your adventurous foodie friends, the menu is mainly focused on (you guessed it), steak. A simple, savory, delicious Filet, New York Strip, or Rib Eye is just what you need; and if you're feeling a little extra, you can choose your toppings from a peppercorn crust to Oscar style— but the important part here is that YOU get to choose what goes on your steak. 

Aquarius: Tapa Toro

The Aquarius+d teams and loves to bring people together around a common cause. These very community-oriented individuals love to share, and food is no exception. From passing around tapas to a digging into an enormous paella with the rest of the table, Spanish cuisine is made to be shared. Tapa Toro, dare I say, serves up some of the best paella and tapas in town, and is the perfect meeting spot for an Aquarius and their friends. They also participate in the "Early Bird Gets the Eye" which allows you to enjoy a three-course meal and then ride the Orlando Eye—another great group activity to bond over!

Pisces: Reyes Mezcaleria

Often described as the "old soul" of the zodiac, a Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. It is an extremely deep, energetic, and complex sign, which is best reflected by brightly colored food filled with a plethora of different flavors working together to create one extremely intricate dish. Mexican cuisine naturally fits this description but when elevated—even slightly—creates the perfect meal for a Pisces. Reyes Mezcaleria offers traditional Mexican food in a more elevated atmosphere, and as you can see serves up plates filled with color and life, reflecting the inner personalities of the soulful Pisces. 

Next time you can't decide on where to eat, snag one of these suggestions based on your (or your friends') zodiac sign. Although, if I'm being completely honest, I think all these places are worth of visit regardless of your zodiac. Now you know where I'll be for the first 12 days of this fall semester.