It can be hard to know where to travel on a budget and even harder to find good, inexpensive food once you're there. I solved this dilemma when I went to Croatia and Bosnia this summer and found foodie heaven. I know these countries might not be a tourist hotspot but like most hidden gems, the food is cheap (perfect for a college student budget). As an added bonus, the food is also delicious and the countries are breathtaking. Here are some of the best things I had while abroad:

1. Tagliatelle with Shrimp (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Emily Kuhlmann

By far my favorite dish I had on vacation and maybe ever, this pasta dish is loaded with fresh flavor. The green pasta is homemade at the restaurant each day and the shrimp is fresh from the sea. This restaurant, Kamenice, is beautifully located in the middle of the Old City of Dubrovnik. Sit outside and enjoy a glass of Croatian wine with dinner and watch the sun set over the stone buildings. Plus, the restaurant is pretty cheap sooo it won't break the bank.

2. Seafood Spaghetti (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Emily Kuhlmann

This is another amazing pasta must-try in Croatia! Delicious spaghetti topped with a mountain of fresh seafood including mussels and shrimp. This restaurant, Konoba Lanterna, is located off the beaten track of Dubrovnik in a small alley, I swear it isn't as creepy as it sounds. The tables are lit by twinkling lights lining the stone walls. The food is inexpensive and fresh and the atmosphere is romantic and makes you feel like you're eating at a super expensive restaurant. Lanterna is one of many hidden gems.

3. Ćevapčići (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

If you're looking for a quick, cheap, and delicious meal, look no further than a ćevapčići restaurant. 

These meat sausages are a favorite of this region. Usually served in a sandwich with onions and pepper sauce, ćevapčići, or cevapi for short (pronounced cha-va-pee), is basically fast food of Bosnia. One famous restaurant in the Old City of Sarajevo, Cevabdzinica Zeljo, serves only cevapi and you can have your entire meal ready either to eat in or to go in less than 10 minutes and don't worry about spending more than $5 on your meal. So for you American hot dog lovers this is a nice European twist. 

The servings of cevapi are normally massive, so be ready to chow down! 

4. Breakfast (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

Emily Kuhlmann

Bosnia and Croatia both are full of amazing fresh fruits and pastries. We started each morning with fruit from markets and stands just down the street from our houses. The apricots and peaches are incredible in this region when you get them in season. Tons of fruit stands also line the roads that wind through the mountains, so you can pretty much stop whenever you want and grab a snack for less than $3. 

Small bakeries are also everywhere, serving everything you could imagine: croissants, danishes, breads, muffins, and more. To go along with our fresh pastries every morning, we bought homemade jam from roadside stands that was incredibly fresh and delicious and even that description doesn't do it justice.  

6. Gelato (Croatia & Bosnia)

Emily Kuhlmann

Although gelato isn't exactly something new or exotic, Croatia and Bosnia both have a ridiculous number of gelato stands. In nearly every old city there is at least two gelato stands with tons of different flavors, classic and specific to the region. Plus, you can get two scoops of gelato most places for under $3. A perfect treat on a hot day of exploring the city!

Croatia and Bosnia are undiscovered gems for foodies who are looking to travel on a budget. If you want an affordable, amazing vacation add these countries to your list! You can experience the food and beauty of the region without breaking the bank.