When you have your best friend from college visiting from Nevada, she’ll probably want to see what New York really tastes like. From pizza to Chinese food to a classic deli sandwich, we’ve got you set with New York’s most precious presents.

1. Celeste


Photo courtesy of @steph_jp_ on Instagram

Celeste is a classic NY pizza joint serving whatever pizza your heart can possibly desire. Even better, they’ve got ricotta cheesecake to finish up your meal strong. Make your own pizzas with these fun recipes.

2. Don Antonio


Photo courtesy of @laurenscala on Instagram

For a casual-chic setting to eat your Neapolitan-style pizza in, hit up Don Antonio’s. They even have gluten-free pizza. Although your pizza probably won’t be as good as Don Antonio’s, we’re proud of your effort. Here are 14 ways you should be eating pizza.

3. Empellon Cocina


Photo courtesy of @tacos on Instagram

Empellon Cocina is the perfect place for a fun, Mexican-styled meal. Order tacos, guac, and finish with a chocolate tres leches cake. Make your very own dorm room guac with this super easy recipe.

4. Fu Run


Photo courtesy of @scallionfoods on Instagram

Fu Run has got you set on traditional Chinese eats. Want chicken lo mein? They’ve got it. Or, if you’re feeling more experimental, they’ve got frog on the menu, too. Feeling nervous about the frog? Me, too. Here are some other daredevil foods that’ll probably freak you out.

5. John’s Pizza


Photo courtesy of @pizza on Instagram

I for one am guilty of heading into John’s Pizza and downing an entire pie on my own. John’s Pizza has been voted one of the best pizzerias in NYC (and I’d say I agree). If you aren’t lucky enough to be near John’s pizza, make your own homemade pizza using this yummy recipe.

6. Katz’s


Photo courtesy of @talkfoodietome_ on Instagram

New York’s most iconic deli serving the world’s best pastrami sandwich. If you’re not into pastrami, they’ve also got matzo ball soup, latkes, and cheese blintzes. Here are some ways to make your own epic sandwiches.

7. Larb Ubol


Photo courtesy of @tukawai60 on Instagram

A casual restaurant serving Northeastern Thai specialties. Order crispy pork over rice and grilled marinated chicken with garlic pepper lime dip. Or, get your Thai fix with this simple curry recipe.

8. Local 92


Photo courtesy of @jackiewidmann on Instagram

A delish Mediterranean restaurant specializing in hummus (named NY’s Best Choice on Open Table) with dishes such as ricotta-beet gnocchi, chicken hummus and eggplant shakshuka. Use these recipes to make your own top-notch hummus without even leaving your house.

9. Pure Thai Cookhouse


Photo courtesy of @stuffbeneats on Instagram

For some homemade Thai noodles, hit up Pure Thai Cookhouse. The menu includes chicken curry puffs, steamed beef buns, Krabi seafood noodles soup and fried rice with lump crab meat. Also, check out this new Thai place for more delish Thai dishes.