At a school where each day requires a different season's wardrobe and every fast food restaurant known to man can be found in a 5 mile radius... it is hard to stay on a budget. I often find myself wondering if corporations have a place in their heart for us college students who give up their limbs for tuition but also need to eat in order to survive. Welp... it turns out they do! Elon students, that Phoenix Card of yours can do more than just unlock your dorm building. Check out just a few of the places around Elon that will give you a special discount with your Phoenix Card!

Harris Teeter 

Kathryn Stouffer

Although Harris Teeter does not take Phoenix Cash, they do still keep college students in mind! If you register for an E-VIC card with your student ID, you will receive between 5 and 10% off your grocery runs. 


 A personal favorite of mine, Chick-Fil-A offers a free drink for students who show an ID. I'll take waffle fries and extra sauce with that please! 

Dunkin' Donuts

Next time you stop by Dunkin' before an exam or after a boozy night out, make sure to flash your student ID at the Drive Thru for 10% off!

Waffle House

Next time you take a 3am Uber trip to Waffle House make sure to pull out that Phoenix Card! 10% off waffles and coffee!


Although I am not the biggest Subway supporter, with it right on campus sometimes it's necessary to grab a sub and go on with your day. Next time, show your ID to get 10% off that fresh sammy. 

Firehouse Subs

This deal is on fire! *Alicia Keys voice* ... okay I apologize for that one. But for real, 10% off at the Burlington location with your Phoenix Card!

Tanger Outlets

Although you cannot eat this one, it is still worth mentioning! Many of the stores in the Mebane location of the Tanger Outlets offer student discounts with a valid ID. The twenty minute drive is worth it when you can get cash back or 10% off at stores like Express, American Eagle and Calvin Klein (just to name a few). 


Recently, a website called UNiDAYS has become a saving grace for college students around the globe. With branches in multiple countries and partnerships with loads of businesses, making a UNiDAYS account will save you loads. All you need is a student email and you are entered into the world of sales. 

Don't forget to check out all of the community merchants that accept Phoenix Cash in the area as well!