Now that it's finally spring outside, it's time to come out of hibernation. Whether you're looking for a social hub, study spot, or a source of excessive caffeine, you'll find it on this list of popular UChicago cafés. (Or, if you're looking to escape campus, check out this list of study spots in The Loop.)

1. Ex Libris

espresso, coffee
Sunny Liu

If you haven't been to Ex Lib, you probably don't go to UChicago. Located in everyone's favorite library, Ex Lib is a prime spot for students looking to socialize and get enough caffeine to power through exam season. With a few Maroon Dollars, you can buy a variety of coffee drinks, pastries, bagels, and sandwiches to keep you alive during your long hours at the Reg. 

2. Harper Café

cake, beer
Sunny Liu

Brightly colored and well-lit, Harper is a popular spot to study and a great place to escape the oppressive silence (and photo-taking tourists) in the reading room. Come for cheap coffee, hot cocoa, or delicious pastries. (We recommend the almond croissants.)

3. Hallowed Grounds

espresso, beer, coffee
Sunny Liu

This dimly lit, student-run cafe on the second floor of Reynolds Club is ideal whether you're looking to study or relax with an affordable cup of coffee. Catch up on your reading in one of the armchairs or take a study break and challenge a friend to a quick game of pool. 

4. Café Logan

Sunny Liu

If you're south of the Midway and are looking for a place to read or a quick bite to eat, stop by the Logan Center to visit this chill artistic café. Enjoy a variety of snacks and meal options in a colorful, sunlit atmosphere, and make sure to take a look at the cool photography while you're there. 

5. Plein Air

milk, coffee, tea
Sunny Liu

Right next to the Seminary Co-Op Bookstore on 57th, Plein Air is a cheerful cozy eatery that serves everything from housemade chai to hazelnut croissants and French toast. Join the crowd of students and locals who come to eat, chitchat, or simply enjoy the warm weather on its open-air patio. 

6. Grounds of Being

wine, espresso, beer, coffee
Sunny Liu

Being small and located in a basement doesn't stop this cash-only coffee shop from being one of the most popular spots on campus with undergrad and grad students alike. While Grounds of Being is probably best known for its $1 cups of coffee, it also serves a variety of other coffee drinks and snacks, all of which you can enjoy while studying, chatting with friends, or analyzing the funky, religious-themed artwork on the walls. 

7. Dollop Coffee Co. 

beer, coffee, kettle
Sunny Liu

New to campus this year, Dollop's easy location and and photogenic coffee have quickly made it popular with students. Even during its busy hours, though, there's plenty of room for anyone looking to relax or study. While Dollop doesn't accept Maroon Dollars and tends to be more expensive than other on-campus coffee shops, we still recommend that you stop by for a latte. Or, if you're hungry, try one of their tasty breakfast sandwiches or pastries. It's worth it!