Since everyone is a little uneasy these days about Chipotle (whether it is warranted or not), it is nice to know that there are some local Providence alternatives for when you have that hunger that only a burrito can fulfill.

1. Lola’s Tequila Bar and Cantina

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Photo courtesy of @sweetsrn on Instagram

Chicken tacos and the foxpoint ginger margarita. You’re welcome. But seriously, the tacos are great, the drinks are better, and the price is incredibly reasonable, especially on Tuesdays when the tacos are only $2 a piece and a classic margarita is only $4. Try ordering something at Chipotle for less than that. Oh right, you can’t.

2. Tortilla Flats

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Photo courtesy of @valerieeee14 on Instagram

Your lips will DEFINITELY taste like sangria after a night out here, because that stuff is too good. Don’t stop there if you don’t like wine (JK, who are you), because the rotating drink menu always has something great to offer. The food is also very impressive and the atmosphere is fun and exciting.

3. Baja’s Tex Mex Grill

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Photo courtesy of @mirandalovett on Instagram

Located on Thayer Street, this Tex-Mex restaurant offers much more than your classic Mexican take-out; you can order a classic chipotle chicken bowl, jalapeno poppers, a pulled pork fajita, Baja cheeseburger, or buffalo wings. At Baja’s, you can get your Mexican fix, and then some, as there is truly something for everyone.

4. Don Jose Tequilas

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Photo courtesy of @thethirstpty on Instagram

“Taking over pasta territory with Tortillas!” This family-owned restaurant on Federal Hill has a menu filled with must-have dishes made from family recipes, and they serve margaritas by the pitcher. Don Jose Tequilas also offers brunch on the weekends, so your Mexican addiction doesn’t have to wait until the afternoon.

5. La Lupita

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Photo courtesy of @kfj055 on Instagram

La Lupita is definitely the place to hit up for a quick bite. Though small, this place serves kick-ass tacos with super fresh ingredients. It’s so authentic, they even call out your order number in Spanish. Brush up, muchacho.