Oxford, Mississippi may seem like just a small college town, but it is a secret metropolis for unique, tasty, flavor-fused foods. Sushi is one of the many delicacies that Mississippi has put its southern spin on, and Oxford’s sushi restaurants offer a yummy representation of these southern inspired rolls.

1. The Noodle Bowl


Photo courtesy of Noodle Bowl on Facebook

This restaurant is an Asian fusion restaurant with everything from curry to sushi (of course). They have over 20 rolls to choose from and a few with some southern-inspired flare. One roll in particular is the Spicy Seafood roll. It has crawfish inside the sushi roll. You may be asking “Crawfish? The kind from a Crawfish boil?” Yes. This delicious roll also has scallops and shrimp. And don’t think they forgot about adding some spice for a sweet southern kick.

2. Toyo Japanese Sushi Bar and Grill


Photo courtesy of Toyo on Facebook

This sushi bar is all about sushi. It’s literally in the name. From a selection of several different rolls, there a few southern gems within the menu. They have BBQ salmon and BBQ yellowtail rolls. BBQ is a huge staple in the south, so I imagine people would jump for joy at a BBQ sushi roll. Also, just like the Noodle Bowl, they have quite a few rolls with the spicy taste of crawfish we in the south crave.

3. Kabuki


Photo courtesy of Kabuki on Facebook

This sushi bar and steak house really hits the nail on the head when it comes to southern flavors. They have a chicken roll that is served tempura style (a Japanese frying technique), so it is essentially a fried chicken roll. It is such a creative idea to take a southern classic like fried chicken and give it a little Asian twist with a tempura fry. It sounds like a dream.

Now that you know where to go and what to order to satisfy that southern palette, roll out!


Gif courtesy of Giphy.com