The Lancaster community was heartbroken to hear the news of the closing of Carmen and David’s Creamery. Their wildly unique flavors of frozen dairy products made them the confectionary capitol of the Garden Spot and we will sorely miss their quaint and brightly colored store on North Prince Street.

Although the store has closed its doors, the dynamic duo are continuing to make their acclaimed ice cream for a number of proprietors in Lancaster. For many, this is a continuation of a local tradition. For others, especially incoming F&M freshmen, it’s the chance to try one of the best products this city has to offer. Here are the current locations where you can get your fix of delicious Carmen and David’s Ice Cream:

Chestnut Hill Cafe 

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Photo by Allie Dang

This cozy coffee spot is definitely the closest place to campus. They were one of the first locations to serve Carmen and David’s after they closed the storefront and we thank them for facilitating our ice cream addiction. Enjoy your scoops as is or enjoy the perfect pairing of Chestnut Hill Cafe coffee with Carmen and David’s ice cream with an affogato. It’s like an Italian iced coffee, except replace ice with ice cream.

Penny’s Ice Cream Truck

It’s true though. Photo credit: @icaimages

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Opened in Winter of 2015, Penny’s is an ice cream truck that exclusively serves Carmen and David’s. During the summer they are located predominately at the Pop-Up Park 118 N. Prince St, although they do have some mobility, being a truck and all. The flavors change regularly and they are the perfect place to grab a cone when you’re downtown. After Labor Day they will be in the park next to the Police Station on the corner of North Prince and West Chestnut Streets.

Commonwealth on Queen

Ice cream sandwiches made with Carmen & David’s Ice Cream and our housemade cookies!

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This cafe is one of the newest in Lancaster and has taken ice cream to new heights with their awesome ice cream sandwiches. They make the cookies in house and feature Carmen and David’s. Along with the sandwiches, you can get ice cream waffles, Italian sodas, affogatos or a good old fashion cone.

Yuki’s Snow Ice

I followed my heart and it led me here. @pennysicecreamtruck

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The dessert baby of Issei Noodles, this sweets store opened up in the takeout window of our favorite ramen joint and features Carmen and David’s with an East-Asian flare. They also have awesome shave ice and Asian pastries.

The Pressroom Ice Cream Stand

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The Pressroom restaurant had the genius idea of opening an ice cream stand in Steinman Park and it has taken off. They’ve even hired members of the old storefront staff for some expert scooping.

If you know you want some Carmen and David’s after an awesome meal, you can also check out these Lancaster restaurants that feature C&D’s on their menu:

Hunger & Thirst

Photo courtesy of Hunger N Thirst



ice cream

Courtesy of Mimi Brodeur


Aussie and the Fox

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The Pressroom


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On Orange


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Character’s Pub


Square One Coffee

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Photo by Hunter Siegrist

The Horse Inn