Let’s be honest. Sometimes Frank brunch doesn’t cut it on a Saturday or Sunday morning. You’ve already had an omelette five times for dinner this week, and the pancakes just look a little bit sadder than usual. Sometimes a breakfast sandwich from Saxby’s or the Eatery is just a little too basic for you, and the Colgate Inn’s weekend brunch is too expensive. Have no fear–Hamilton downtown may be small, but if you or a friend has a car (or you’re well-prepared and reserved a Zipcar), you can get some home-cooked comfort breakfast food less than ten minutes away.

1. Quack’s Village Inn


Photo by Elizabeth Hein

The classic–everybody learns about Quack’s first year at Colgate. It’s easy to find, they have a huge sign out front, and it’s great for big groups. Unfortunately, because of their accommodation to large parties (i.e. when it’s parent’s weekend and you and 10 friends and their parents all go together), sometimes the service gets a little bit slow. That being said, their food is pretty good, and they have some great eggs benedict options–my favorite is with avocado and salsa. For more eggs benny recipes to show your parents you can cook fancy adult things, check these out.

2. Suzi’s Place

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Always hard to find, no matter how many times you’ve been, you find out about Suzi’s when you’re either a first-year who knows a lot of upperclassmen or an upperclassmen who got bored with Quack’s. Suzi’s is much smaller, homier, and their Snapchat (@suzisplace) keeps you updated on their inventive specials (S’mores French toast, anyone?). This place will likely remind you of your favorite diner back home. What Suzi’s lacks in size, they make up for in volumes with food–homemade cinnamon raisin bread, biscuits and sausage gravy, and pancakes the size of Pluto. If eggs aren’t really your thing, check these breakfast recipes.

#SpoonTip: They close at noon on Sundays, so wake up a smidge earlier to get your fix!

3. Lady Di’s Soups and Pies


Photo by Mallory Shaner

Even more off the beaten path than the previous options (meaning I just found out about it last week), Lady Di’s has the vibe of a waffle cabin at the top of a mountain–all-wood interior, wooden booths, and artsy signs all over the walls. Known for the soups and quiches, the breakfast food is served all day and cannot be missed. The service here is homey and incredibly friendly, and the coffee can’t be beat (although they unfortunately don’t do iced). Next time it’s a cold and snowy day and you miss your mom’s cooking, stop by Lady Di’s. If you have a kitchen and want to make a quiche yourself, look no further.

4. The Pewter Spoon Cafe

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A little bit farther away than these other places, the Pewter Spoon deserves an honorable mention. Located right at the beginning of Cazenovia’s Main Street, if you’re craving a killer latte and unbeatable breakfast wrap, make the trek to this spot. Breakfast is served all day and they also have amazing salads, soups, and paninis. The vibe is like your hometown cafe, and if Case doesn’t have good snacks today and the library is too crowded, the 25 minute drive to Cazenovia is so worth it for a study spot. For more inventive breakfast sandwich ideas, check this recipe out.