One of the main challenges about embracing a vegan diet is the social aspect. We think we won't be able to eat out with our non-vegan friends anymore and we're going to end up segregated in vegan restaurants, eating alone. Well, nothing could be less true. During my two years as a vegan, I have surprisingly just how many omnivore restaurants have really good vegan options. Here are my favourite omnivore restaurants' vegan options!


Mun Ling Koh

Wagamama takes the lead when it comes to vegan options. Only recently, they came out with a full vegan menu, and we couldn't ask for anything better. The menu already had quite a good vegan alternatives (like their kare burosu), but now vegans are able to get starter, main and dessert! It also appears they have been testing some seitan curries in the past few months! 

The Diner

Many of KCL Strand students know where to find The Diner – and it's an amazing place to have brunch just before that 11am lecture on a Monday morning. But did you know they had vegan pancakes? Yep, just like the ones in the picture!


Mun Ling Koh

Trust an Italian on this one, Zizzi's pizzas are pretty good. And the best part is they have started using Mozzarisella in their vegan options! For Veganuary, they even came out with a full rainbow vegan pizza, including avocado, sriracha and beet balls!


Before becoming a vegan, I loved Wahaca. Mexican food is one of my favourites and I won't hide the fact that it has been hard to give up nachos. So, when my friends asked me to go to Wahaca with them I was preparing myself for a bland salad. Instead, I found this amazing vegan option! It has everything in it: cabbage, sweet potatoes, black beans. Trust me, you have to try it.

These are only a few examples of what you could get on a night out with your meat-eating friends. Restaurants have been surprising me quite a lot, and with veganism rising to unprecedented demands, it's likely you're going to see even more vegan options in restaurants!