Ice-cream is a blessing when one lives in the sweltering heat of Delhi (40 degrees Celsius, for god's sake!). The soft texture, instant coolness; the dose of freshness that an ice-cream can deliver in under 30 seconds is truly extraordinary. You can always make up for the absence of strawberries in summer by devouring strawberry ice-cream at these outlets I've found around the city. After a great deal of exploration, I was able to sample, and finally, compile a list of the best strawberry ice-cream in Delhi.

1. Funnel Hill Creamery

Shubhangi Kashyap

With authentic flavours and creamy textures, complete with enormous portion sizes; it is no wonder that Funnel Hill Creamery is at the top of the list. The outlet is a charming little place in the bustling street of Green Park market. The servers are extremely friendly and polite while the service is quick and efficient. Unlike most ice cream parlours, they have ample seating area for you and your friend to catch up over a large scoop of their heavenly strawberry ice-cream. Also, try the bubble waffle if you can, it's divine!

2. Naturals

Shubhangi Kashyap

It is an impossible feat to live in Delhi without gorging on ice cream at Naturals. The unique set of flavours they offer sets them apart and gives them an edge above other parlours. Some of their flavours are, sadly, seasonal (which also means that their ice-cream is fresh yay!), and strawberry is one of them. But my oh my, when you taste it, it's a burst of refreshing berry-licious flavour in your mouth. It's low on sugar and silky in texture, plus, one scoop costs 65 bucks, which is quite economical for the quality they deliver.

3) Movenpick

If you've tasted Movenpick's ice-cream, chances are that you've tasted what it feels like to be happy. The smooth, supple texture of their strawberry ice-cream combined with the refreshing berry flavor is a treat for the taste buds. If you're not in the mood for ice-creams, Movenpick offers excellent raspberry & strawberry sorbet to take you to wonderland. 

4) Baskin Robbins

The good ol' reliable ice-cream parlour aka Baskin Robbins. I've grown up with treats from this creamery, thanks to the crazy number of outlets around Delhi. Their quality is top notch, and the array of flavours make you realize how indecisive you are, after all. Nevertheless, their Very Berry Strawberry and Strawberry Cheesecake will ake your day. 

5. Classic Ice-Cream Parlour

A lesser-known but equally awesome ice-cream parlour; Classic Ice-Cream Parlor assembles the most invigorating ice-cream you've ever had. You can consume strawberry ice-cream without burning a hole in your pocket since it's 45 bucks for a single scoop. They have a range of sundaes, ice-cream shakes, and sodas, and other savoury snacks to choose from. The sundaes here one-of-a-kind, easy on the pocket with adequate portion sizes. Be sure to try the Strawberry Suprise!

If you're an ice-cream lover, and someone who keeps a tab of the best places around the city, you've found a list worth keeping, trust me this stuff is gold. It's time to try 'em all!