Thick noodles, bursts of all types of flavors, spices, meat and veggies, the steaming bowl of soup that is placed down in front of you while your mouth waters just looking at it; Oh yeah, we're talking about ramen. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you already know the city is blessed with many amazing, multicultural foods. When you get the craving for some hot and steamy carbs that have tons of flavor, ramen might come to mind. To settle those cravings, one of the places to get the best ramen in LA is this small spot in Chinatown called Ramen Champ.

College Ramen vs. Restaurant Ramen

College students are typically known for eating ramen because it's one, cheap, and two, super easy to make. You can easily make it in a styrofoam cup, or boil a pot of water, pour the packet of seasoning in, the noodles, and you're done. Packaged ramen is simply easy and delicious.

Although making your own ramen is great and all, eating ramen from somewhere else other than your kitchen or dorm room can be so much better. If you want that homey feel from eating a bowl of soup, eating out doesn't take away that feeling you might get from the making your own bowl. The way the ramen is prepared with the secret spices, meats, egg, and veggies, help bring the bowl to life. So, if you feel like splurging on a nice meal, it's a nice excuse to get a bowl of yummy ramen, like from Ramen Champ. 

Ramen Champ

Sasha Padilla

Ramen Champ was opened for business in 2015 by Chef Kazuaki "Kaz" Urabe and his team. For many years, the owner previously worked at Bennihana and Coco Cury until deciding to go his own route to create Ramen Champ. A solid choice for Chef Kaz. Although they are located in a small place in Chinatown, the awesome art on the walls that fits in perfectly with the cool murals around the Downtown Los Angeles area and the relaxed atmosphere that's perfect to chit chat over a bowl of noodles makes, it a cozy place to eat at.

Tell Me More About the Ramen

Let me be completely honest with you — their whole menu is freaking amazing. The Spicy Miso has egg noodle, Chashu pork belly pieces, egg, bamboo shoot, cabbage, bean sprouts and green onion in spicy Miso based pork and chicken soup; it's my absolute favorite. If you want an appetizer, I suggest the Takoyaki, or in other words, Octopus Balls, for an awesome starter before you dig into the best ramen in LA. If you're vegan, they have you covered as well with four different options for you to choose from. Like I said, their whole menu is amazing according to my experiences and others on Yelp, so try it all!

If your mouth is watering like mine is just thinking about this place, I think it's time for you to travel along over to Ramen Champ to experience some of the best ramen in LA. So, go on, slurp up those noodles! This ramen was truely made for champs.