If there's one kind of food that is guaranteed to hit every spot, it's the food you get from home. No matter how many foreign flavors you try, that home cooked stuff will always hit different. The best chicken wings in Philadelphia, PA are at Chris Jazz Café because they make you feel that type of good. Your taste buds are electrified with the sweet, spicy, and savory sauces coating the crispy skin and that warm feeling of home seeps down and fills your body like the juice from the tender meat. You may not be from Philly, but you'll feel right at home with the unforgettable flavor of these wings.

Gimme all the wings, baby

I got to try these wings on a recent trip to Philly. My partner and I were looking for some Friday night out plans, and came across the Chris Jazz Café. The wings are part of their late night menu, served from 10pm to 2am. They can be served with either sweet tamarind or hot sauce. We ordered the sweet tamarind, and I suggest you do the same. The sauce was a perfect balance between sweet and spicy and contrasted wonderfully with the salty, crispy skin of the chicken. My partner and I were a bit intimidated at first, since the menu advertises a whole pound of wings as the serving, but the size was not intimidating at all. In fact, we ate the plate so quickly we wished our initial tribulations were true!

In addition to the wings, they have more late night options, like Trio Fries, which is served in a big bowl with regular fries, sweet potato fries, and crispy caramelized onions. We ordered those as well, presented to us in a seemingly never ending bowl. Suffice to say, they served their purpose well as salty accompaniments to the sweet wings.

But wait . . . there's more??

The late night menu has limited options, but during their regular hours there is plenty more Southern-style dishes to choose from, like mac n cheese, shrimp and grits, and even burgers named after famous jazz players. And that's what tops the warm

homey feeling of the café's style: the daily live jazz shows they host, up till 2am. Perfect for a night out on the town, this small café located in the hubub of Philly proves you don't always need a fancy restaurant to enjoy the finest dining. Chris Jazz Café is a small club in the vast city of Philly, but it's the perfect bite of culture you need (and for what it's worth, there's an Insomnia Cookies bakery right around the corner. . .)

Whether you're looking for some Friday night plans, some smooth and sometimes rambunctious jazz, and of course, the best chicken wings in Philadelphia, Chris Jazz Café is the way to go. Swing on in with a date or devour that plate of wings on you own, there will be no judgment at the café. In fact, you'll feel right at home.